Asset/File In the Adstream Platform we refer to content within projects as (working) files. Once you've finished working on the file you can send your (master) asset to the Library.
Business Unit(BU) A business unit is an organisation or organisational subset that is independent with regard to one or more operational functions. Business units are flexible structural devices that you can use to implement the Adstream Platform based on how your business is organised. For example you might have a business unit for each brand your company owns or for each market in which you operate.
Clock (Spot in the US) A clock refers to the individual assets that make up a Delivery Order. An Order can consist of one or many clocks. Clocks are referred to many different names around the world, however for the purpose of simplicity on this Help Centre we will refer to them as the UK name: Clock
Clock Number A unique number given to each clock. Different Markets may have requirements about the format of this number. An Adstream administrator can create an 'Adcode' generator that can automatically create clock numbers for assets based on metadata.
Primary BU The Main Business Unit that the user is associated with. By default this is the first BU they were invited to, however it can be changed later. The interface branding visible to the user sees is taken from their primary BU.
Secondary User A user who has access to additional BUs is known as a secondary user on those BUs
Metadata Metadata is data about data. In terms of the Adstream Platform it is information attached to content that allows the content to be organised.Two types of metadata exist structural metadata and descriptive metadata. Structural metadata is information about the file itself, for example how big the file is and is generated automatically. Descriptive metadata is the information we add to it, e.g the brand.
Metadata Fields Are the containers for the metadata. Fields form the basis of what metadata we can add where. A default setup would include tiered metadata ('catalogue structure') in the form: Advertiser > Brand > Product.
Metadata Values Is the actual metadata we can use to arrange the content e.g the brand name. 

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