FAQs - Adstream for Adobe Premiere Pro

  1. Will the editor have to register for an account with Adstream to upload the file ?

Yes they do, and it will be a one-time authentication process using the same sign on method as Media Manager guest uploader. What is worth knowing here is that Media Manager has exposed the guest uploader functions out to a public API that Adstream plugin for Adobe Premiere Pro is using, essentially emulating the guest uploader uploading a file without an order.

  1. How are the ads exported from the plug-in matched with an existing order in One Delivery?

The same metadata will be used when an asset is uploaded in Media Manager. When the file is exported from Adobe to Media Manager, the editor will have to fill in a very short form with: Market, clock ID, title, and agency field. 

  1. Will the export pre-set always be up to date?

Yes, we manage the export settings and have 24/7 access to them. They live within Adstream domain and we have set this up to be updated in minutes. New export settings are generated through Adpro using Adobe Premiere and exported as a .epr file which we then load into an s3 bucket that the plugin always pings when it is in operation thus pulling down the most current export setting.

  1. Will there be an email notification for upload request to an editor? 

Like any other uploader regardless of using the plugin or not an editor with the plugin installed may receive an email with a request. They may choose to follow the link in that email and upload direct to MM and avoid entering metadata or they could upload blind from Premiere Pro by using the plugin and have to enter the right metadata in order for matching to really kick in. 

  1. Will the file uploader be able to check the status of the QC?


  1. What happens if an export fails a QC?

The workflow is the same as Media Manager.

  • Passes: User can click submit file to Media Manager
  • Fails: User can choose to edit the file in Premiere Pro and re-upload; re-upload a new file; or click to see detailed QC report on Media Manager
  • QC Warning: The file can also be automatically fixed for minor details. QC warning message will be shown in the plug-in and the user can click to see more details in the QC report and they’ll be re-directed to Media Manager.
  1. Will the client or the order placer receive notifications every step of the way since the upload started?

The client making the delivery order will get a confirmation of the upload only when the uploaded asset has passed QC and matched to the order.

  1. Why can’t I find my market in the market drop-down list?

Only markets that have fully adopted One-D and Media Manager will be able to export a file from the plug-in as the plug-in uses Media Manager to QC the video files. We are planning on expanding the list of markets available in the future and an email will be sent out to communicate the changes once everything has been set up.

  1. Which market will have access to this plug-in?

Anyone can download this plug-in for free, but you can only export files to markets that have fully adopted One-D and Media Manager. We’re continuously working to ramp up the adoption of One-D and Media Manager globally, but in the 1st phase here are the list of markets that will be available to export the file to: Brazil, MENA, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Poland, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam, Denmark, Finland, Norway, Sweden, Netherlands, Czech Republic, Italy, Greece, United Kingdom, Republic of Ireland, Hungary, India, France, Australia, New Zealand. Updates on other markets to be included will be communicated later on.

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