Q: What file types do you support?

A: The system supports a wide variety of asset types:

  • Video (including but not limited to: MP4 H264, FLV Flash, MOV Quicktime H264, MP4 iPhone 3Gs / 3G / 3rd gen iTouch, MPG MPEG-1, WMV WM9, MOV DV25, MPG MPEG-2 4:2:0, MOV PhotoJPEG, MPG MPEG-2 4:2:2, AVI Xvid Large Presentation, MP4 iPhone 4 / iPad / 4th gen iTouch)
  • Audio (including but not limited to: aif, aac, AAC-LD, wma 32bit, wma 16bit, mp3, wav) • Images (including but not limited to: .ai; .psd; .eps; .tif; .jpg)
  • Digital (.html; .html5, .swf)
  • Print (.ai; .indd; .pdf; .qcx)
  • Documents Assets that display previews: All commonly supported video and image formats including .ai, .psd, and .eps (with the exception of Quark files). Assets that will not display previews: All other file types with the exception of executables which cannot be uploaded to the system.
  • Microsoft Office Documents (Version 2010 on Windows and 2011 on Mac) will display previews and can be edited with version control. Please note that the preview area of excel files is restricted to the documents print area and that we do not create previews for XLSM files.

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