Editing Microsoft Office Documents

Ofc_rgb_Orng166_D.pngIt is now possible to edit Microsoft Office Documents from within the Adstream Platform.


Works with Word, Excel and Powerpoint, simply head to a document in your Project folder and notice the option to Edit Document above your asset.






  • Click on the button and you will be redirected to the relevant Microsoft Office Application (e.g. MS Word).

  • Depending on your web browser a pop up window will appear prompting you to launch the application.

  • Click it to start editing your document and once you're done, click save.



Multiple users editing at the same time?

If multiple users try to edit the document at the same time, the first user to open it will be able to save. Subsequent users will be blocked from saving until the first user has closed the document.

When the first user has finished, their changes will show on the other users’ documents.  They will now be able to save the document with or without the first users changes.  Each time any of the editors save the document it will create a new version. Once you're done just close the document and return to your Platform screen where you'll see the changes saved in a new version. Read More


Minimum requirements


In order to for this feature to work users must have Microsoft Office Version 2010 on Windows and 2011 on Mac installed on thier device.

The user’s platform role needs to include the write permission.




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