UK Cinema Delivery UHD / 4K Guidelines

Adstream requires all material to be supplied to the following UHD specification for UK cinema delivery. For delivery to international markets, please contact us to discuss specs and workflows.


Container : MOV

Codec : ProRes 422 (HQ) or Pro Res 444

Chroma Subsample : 4:2:2 or 4:4:4

Scan Type: Progressive

Frame Size : 3840x2160

Frame Rate : 25fps or 24fps

Aspect Ratio : 16:9


Reference Full Stereo Mix containing fold down of all elements from 5.1 or Atmos mixes

Codec : Integer (Little Endian) PCM Sample Rate : 48kHz

Sample Size : 24bit Channels : Stereo

Please note: Audio will need to be mixed against the delivery material version and will need to be supplied as per the DCM guidelines.

As not all screens are 4K, Adstream will create the HD 1920x1080 version for delivery from your UHD master file.



All supers and graphics should fall within the cinema title safe area of 3210x1806 pixels for UHD delivery.

Title Safe grid available for download here



Audio must be supplied directly from a Dolby-certified posthouse. We will need to be informed of who is supplying the 5.1 or Atmos mixes and the name of the posthouse used.

Dolby Atmos

Atmos is an immersive sound technology with overhead speakers and the ability to place up to 118 individual sounds (objects) anywhere within the 3D space of the cinema auditorium. 

A Dolby Surround 5.1 mix is also required for non-Atmos screens. The Dolby Atmos mix will be completed first and the sound studio will re-render the Atmos mix to 5.1.

In order to assist your delivery, we can also create the 5.1 or Atmos mixes via our Dolby approved partner.

To do this, we will require the following:

For best practice, it is ideal for your sound studio to have access to separate uncompressed stems for the Atmos mix, including music stems. This is so that every sound can be individually placed within the 3D immersive sound environment.

(Although not recommended, stereo stems can be used but hugely limit your options in the Dolby Atmos mix environment).

Audio Splits of the separate elements used for the advert as WAV uncompressed 48khz, 24Bit files in the following configuration:

VO (Supplied as Mono / Dual Mono Discrete)

SFX and Music Stems (Supplied as Stereo)

or M&E combined (Supplied as Stereo)



We can also help with CAA and BBFC clearance (where required) through The Traffic Bureau.

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