Overview of ONE Delivery

Adstream's new ordering suite, ONE Delivery, consists of two products: one to place orders, and one to upload files.

Placing an Order

With ONE Delivery you can quickly place orders, filling in the essential details of the order and its destinations. To learn more read our article here{/s}.

Uploading a File

With ONE Delivery you can to swiftly and simply upload and QC your files ready for delivery. You can learn more here{/s}.

Overview Page

From the overview page you can place new orders{{Placing an order}}, track the progress of those orders through to completion, upload new files{{Uploading a File}} and much more.


At the top of the overview page you’ll find four tabs where you can find:

  • In-progress orders (orders you’ve submitted which are pending completion)
  • Draft orders (orders which you’ve intentionally paused before submission)
  • On hold orders (orders placed on hold to work with Adstream)
  • Completed orders.

Next to these tabs at the top you’ll see options to switch back to classic delivery{{Classic Delivery}}, upload a new file{/s} and start the process of submitting a new order{/s}

Orders List

Underneath the tabs and buttons you’ll see a search function and a menu to choose how the list is being sorted, e.g. most recent first.

This list view displays certain essential information for each order (Order no., Market, Advertiser, etc) on the surface, but by clicking the disclosure arrow on the right hand side, further information is revealed. By clicking the arrow on the order, you’ll see information about the ads within that order (such as duration and first air date) and if you click the arrow on an ad, you’ll see information about the destinations.


At the destination level, you’ll see the progress of the order from these options: Order Placed // Received Media // Passed QC // Transferring // At Destination.

You, will also notice two appearances of the more options button -

  1. The first instance, is on the order line, which enables you to view/download a delivery report and open the Billing View to see a summary of billing for this order.
  2. The second instance appears on the clock line, by clicking the button here you can add/edit usage rights for this file.

Asset Preview


By clicking the disclosure arrow on an order, you’ll be able to see a thumbnail of the ad, which will expand into a preview when clicked.

Here you can play a preview of the asset in question and also view a number of different sections of information about the asset through the tabs on the right hand side:

Essential information such as file format, advertiser, aspect ratio and more.
Rights information.
Details on the destinations. Including history of past orders and where it’s going.

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