How to Place a New Order

From the overview page{{ONE Delivery Overview}} in Adstream’s new ordering tool, you can start the process of a new order by clicking the New Order button in the top right hand corner of the page. This will start the process of creating a new order.


Stage I - Order details


The first step of creating your order is to:

  1. Select your Market
  2. Enter the supplier(s) of the media, check the box if you are uploading copy from Library/Projects.
  3. Set who you're ordering on behalf of (this will only be visible if you order on behalf of other business units).
  4. Set who you're billing on behalf of (this will only be visible if you have chosen to order on behalf of a business unit which is not your primary one).

Then click Continue to advance to the next stage.

Stage Tracker

At this stage, the left side of the page will update and will continue to do so as you move through the stages.

You can save your order as a draft, to return to at a later date (Save and Exit) and, by using the more options button (...) at the top of this section, you can set the email notification settings for the order.

Stage II - Clock details

If you've chosen to upload media yourself, you will be able to do that it this stage by clicking Upload Now button and using your computer's regular file picker, or if the media exists in Adstream already (Library, Projects or Media Manager modules), you can either type in the clock number and the system will find the file for you or you can use the Search Media button.

Upload Now

If you're uploading a file which hasn't gone through QC yet, you will see the AutoSubmit checkbox. By ticking this you can automatically submit the file to Adstream once it's passed QC.


Search Media and Automatching

Through the Search Media option, you can manually find files stored in your Library or Projects as well as any submitted files uploaded via Media Manager.


Alternatively if you begin to type the clock number into the clock field (see below) the system will begin to search for any files with this clock number and automatically match the file to the order.


Choosing Destinations

By clicking Add destinations you can see a list of the available destinations.

From here you can select the destinations and the relative urgency. You can search for a specific destination at the top and you can also save a set of destinations as a favourite set for ease of use in the future. Click Save once you've selected the destinations.

Furthermore you can choose QC & Ingest Only if you don't need to deliver the file right away.

Auto Generation for Clock Numbers

In some regions (e.g. MENA), you will be able to automatically generate a clock number by clicking the blue Auto button on the clock number field, after entering certain key information.


If you request an auto clock number before filling in the information required, you will see an error message:

Duplicating a Clock

At the bottom of the clock details page, you can duplicate the current clock. This is useful for sending multiple ads to the same destinations but with different clock numbers.

You can also duplicate the clock in the menu on the left hand side by clicking the more options icon on that specific clock. You can also Add a clock here if you don't want to duplicate any of the information of the current clock.

When you're ready to proceed, click Proceed to payment at the bottom of the page.

Stage III - Payment details


In the last stage of the order, you must review the prices and, if you have access, choose whether to save the ad in your Library.

If you are sending an ad to both SD and HD destinations you can ask Adstream to manage file format conversions by checking the box on this page.

You can also download a summary of the destination details here, as either a .pdf or a .csv file.

Then when ready, click Continue to enter the PO and Job numbers on the following screen.

Then click Place my order to send it for delivery.

Stage I - Order details{nav}

Stage II - Clock details{nav}

Duplicating a Clock{nav}

Stage III - Payment details{nav}

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