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Whether you’re pitching for new business, presenting for approval, or just sharing your work with someone, you need it to shine. In this article you’ll see how you can create beautiful presentation reels in seconds.


When logged into the Library page the quickest way of creating a new presentation is to select the assets you need and then click Add to Presentation and then Add to New Presentation. This will prompt you to give the presentation a name, which is mandatory, and a description, which is optional. Clicking Save will take you to the Presentations set up page where, along the top, there are tabs for adjusting the settings and viewing information about your Presentation.


Navigate to presentation from the new Library by clicking the grid menu option on the header bar

From the platform, see the black header bar and click the presentations link


In the Assets tab (usually the place you'll start when creating your presentations) you can see all the assets that have been added to that presentation and reposition them by dragging so that they will be presented in a different order. You can also remove assets from the presentation by selecting the assets you want to remove and clicking Delete in the top right.


The Activity tab shows you how you’ve shared{{Sharing Presentations}} your presentation, the number of downloads and whether any of the invitation emails have bounced back.


In the Branding tab you can add your branding and style the presentation to make it your own. You can upload a logo and a background image using the  Upload underneath the relevant section and you’ll then see a preview to check that your image fits correctly. Lastly you can also choose between a light or dark theme.

To see what your presentation is going to look like, save your changes using the button at the bottom of the page and then click preview presentation. This will open the presentation in a new browser window or tab. Here we have a preview of a presentation using the settings and images from the screenshots in this article.


In the Layout tab you can choose between different templates for the layout of your presentation. The Reel template also gives you the additional option of whether your asset thumbnails appear in a grid on the side or a strip along the bottom of the currently viewed asset.


Within the Layout tab there are options for what metadata is displayed within the presentation. If there is a + by your company name click this to reveal the metadata options. You can pick between showing common metadata across all your assets and showing metadata specific to certain media types. Tick the box next to the metadata you want to show and when you’re done click Save.


If the asset selected does not have any of the metadata that you’ve selected then no metadata will show in the presentation.


From the Settings tab you have a few options to fine tune the behaviour of your presentation. Firstly you can change the name of your presentation and adjust or add a description. Next you can choose the presentation begins playing as soon as a user opens it by ticking Auto play. Otherwise, to play a presentation a user can click the play button at the bottom of the screen. You can also choose how many seconds of black is shown between each asset; if you don't want any, enter 0 into the box. You can also set a duration for how long files such as images or documents will play for. When you've set up the presentation in the way you want you can share{/s} it with anyone.

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