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The Presentations page in the Library lists all of your presentations, allows you to create new ones, or share and delete existing ones.

Finding your presentations

To access the view from within the Library Module simply click Presentations towards the top of the screen where you can see all of your presentations. Here you'll find a search field on the left and, in the middle, the ability to filter your presentations by creation date using the from and to date selectors. To open a presentation simply click its name and if you need to see all your presentations again then either use the list in the sidebar or click All Presentations.

Creating, Sharing and Deleting Presentations

It is possible to create new presentations from this page as well as share and delete existing ones. To create a new presentation simply click the New Presentation button to create an empty presentation or choose some assets from the Library page and then click Add to Presentation. For more details on this process head over to our Creating Presentations {{Creating Presentations}}article.

To share a presentation highlight the presentation row, by clicking anywhere on it apart from the name, and then use the Send Presentation button. For more details on this check out our article on Sharing Presentations{{Sharing Presentations}}.

Lastly you can also delete existing presentations from this page by highlighting the row and clicking the Delete button.

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