Sharing Presentations

Once you've created{{Create Presentations}} your presentation and are ready to start sharing it you have the option to do so with a public link, privately or with a Library team. To do this click Send Presentation and choose one of the options which we'll guide you through below.

Secure Share

If you need to share your presentation securely with individual users then simply choose Send to User from the available options. In the following window choose the Secure share tab.

Next, start typing the email address of the user you want to share with. If they’re already in your address book they’ll appear in the drop down fields when you start typing so just click on the user and you’ll see their name or email in a blue oblong.

You can then continue to type the names of any other users, if they are not in your address book click create new or simply hit the return key on your keyboard and they will be added to this for future retrieval.

If a user is not already an Adstream user they will be prompted to set up a free account upon receiving the invitation. This form of sharing is secure in two ways: firstly you can see exactly who has accessed the presentation and restrict access as and when you need, secondly the sharing invitation only allows access to the email address it was sent to; it cannot be sent on or duplicated.

If you require an expiry date for access to the presentation you can set that, but if not, Never expires is checked by default. Next, you can enter a message that will be included in the email that gets sent to the users you've shared with.

You can also tick the box to allow users to download the original and/or proxy versions of the assets. If a user does download the assets then setting an expiry date or removing the user from the share will not stop them having access to them from their computer.

Once you’ve configured your share how you like, click Send. Now that the presentation is shared you can view who has an access link in the Users viewing this presentation tab. If you need to remove access click the X by the relevant user's email address.

Send to Library Team

If you have a Library team set up then you can quickly share presentations with them in the same way.  From the Send presentation dropdown menu click Send to Library Team and fill in the form in the same way you would for a secure share.

Public Share

Public sharing allows you to create a webpage with a public URL meaning that anyone who has the URL can access the presentation even if they do not have an Adstream account. The disadvantage is you’ll have very little control over who can access the presentation and therefore this method of sharing should not be used if you wouldn’t be happy for anyone to see it.

Start by clicking the activate button, you can now copy the URL to the left of this (which has been automatically generated) and distribute it however you like. You can click the button again to deactivate the link which will stop it from working. As with secure sharing Never expires is checked by default.

You also have the option to type in email addresses to send out an email with the public link. As before you can choose whether people can download the assets and send a personal message. When you’re finished click send. Click Public Link Access to see who you have sent the public link to.

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