Creating and Editing Collections

Collections are a great way to organise your Library assets in a smart, dynamic way based on key information (metadata).

There are two ways of creating a new collection: using metadata filters or manually selecting assets.

Creating a Collection Using Filters

You can easily create a new collection using the filters{{Filters}} on the left-hand side of the main Library Assets page (use the Screen_Shot_2017-09-06_at_09.56.13.png button to open the filters pane, if not visible). Once you have set the filters on the left-hand side according to your preference, simply click the New Collection button just above the assets and choose Using Filters.


When you create a collection in this way, you ensure that any assets added to your Library in the future will automatically be added to the collection, as long as they match the specified conditions. For example, in this situation, any image files, added in the future, which are in the Adstream business unit will automatically appear in the collection.

Creating a Collection Manually

Alternatively, you can create a collection through a more manual method by selecting your chosen assets and using the same New Collection button as above. If you have selected assets manually and applied some filters, you’ll be able to choose how you’d like to create your new collection from the dropdown menu. Then, just choose a name and location and save the collection.

If, however, you want to add an asset to a collection that already exists, just highlight your assets and, from the more menu ⋮, choose Copy To > Collection and then choose the collection in question.


Once you've added assets to a collection through this manual method, it is possible to remove them individually or in groups. To do this, navigate to the collection in question, highlight the assets, then click the more menu ⋮ and choose remove from the available options. You'll then confirm your decision and the assets will be removed from the collection.


Assets which have been added manually to a collection will appear with a blue pin mark.

Editing a Collection

Through the Sliders.png button you can edit a collection or sub-collection, by simply adjusting the filters used to define the collection. Once you start doing this you will have the option to either save the changes or create a new collection/sub-collection using those filters.


You will also notice that while editing a collection, you'll see an asterisk next to its name, indicating that it is currently being edited.

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