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Main Assets View

Main Assets View{nav}


QC Icon - Indicates an QC'd master asset.
Usage Rights - Indicates an asset with usage rights available for use.
Usage Rights - Indicates an asset with usage rights that are expired or not yet started.
Grid View - Click to view the library assets in grid mode.
List View - Click to view the library assets in list mode.
Asset Details - Click to select the asset information you wish to appear in list view.

Single Asset View

Single Asset View{nav}


Information.png Info - View and edit the essential metadata for the asset with the option to edit some of that information through the icon.
Usage Rights - View and manage all usage rights associated with an asset. See below on adding usage rights.
Attatchment.png Attachments - View and manage asset attachments.
Paper_plane.png Destinations - View any deliveries the asset has been involved with.
Relationships - View and manage any relationships between this asset and other assets or projects.
Frames - View/download existing frames and capture new frames from a video file.
Activities - View all activities for the asset. You can search and filter by activity type or username. Simply type into the fields to search.
Download - Download the asset, choosing from master or proxy file.
Share - Securely share the asset with another user or create a public sharing link.
More Menu - See more options: copy asset to another project, collection or presentation. Change the media type, send to delivery or delete the asset.
mceclip1.png View PDF in Browser - view the PDF in the browser's native PDF viewer.
Slate - access the Slate for QC'd assets only, as well as an autogenerated, downloadable 8 frame storyboard

Collection View

Collection View{nav}


Navigate - Click to view the collection tree.
Information.png Info - View basic details of the collection and access more options ⋮ such as renaming or deleting the collection.
Filters - Open the filters panel and redefine how the collection organises assets.
Close - Click to close the filter panel.

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