Filtering Assets

Use the advanced filtering in the Library to quickly find and organise your assets.

Open the filtering panel from the main Assets view by clicking the Filter button on the top left corner of the page.


From the filtering panel you can search by keyword, set up favourite filters, search by media type and their corresponding media filters, filter according to usage rights, and filter by Common metadata fields.

As you apply filters, you will see them appear in the selected filters banner. From here you can easily remove them or use them to create a collection based on your choices. You can also see how the logic of the filtering is being applied through the AND or OR signs.


Keyword Search

At the top of the panel, you can type keywords to search your assets. As you enter words they will enter the filter banner one by one.


You can enter multiple terms here and the Library will search through all asset metadata, whether it be the title of a file, the advertiser or even the clock number. If you choose to Match all words any assets shown in the results must match all of the keyword searches, otherwise they only need to match one.

Favourite Filters

Below keyword search you can set up a set of favourite filters for each Business Unit you are part of. By adding frequently used filters to your favourite filters you'll be able to quickly access them at any time.

If you are part of multiple Business Units, you must select one first from the Business Unit filter in the top right corner of the page. If you're not, this option will be greyed out.


Then, in the filter panel click Add new in the Favourite Filters section, to open a window where you can select/edit your favourite filters.



Media Filters

In the Media Filters section, you can easily select one or multiple media types to filter by. If you choose just one, you can also select a media sub-type when available, e.g. Print - Magazine.


If you filter by multiple media types, you will not be able to add sub-types.

Common Filters

Below Media Filters you will find any media-type agnostic filters which are common across your  Business Units in the Common Filters section.

Usage Rights Filters

The last set of filters which is common across Business Units is Usage Rights.

Here, you can quickly filter by status, start and end date, or country.


Asset usage statuses:

  • Any - no additional filtering is applied. All assets are shown.
  • Available - will show any asset which, as of the current date, has at least one usage rights record AND none of the usages on the asset are expired or not yet started.
  • Expired - will show any asset which, as of the current date, has at least one usage rights record  that has expired.
  • Not yet started - will show any asset which, as of the current date, has at least one usage rights record and none of the usage rights have started yet.

Date Filters

For any date filters calendar_icon.png, such as usage rights start and end dates, you have both fixed and dynamic time frame options. For fixed filtering, all you need to do is set the start and end dates using the calendar date picker.

For dynamic time frames, you have three main options: previous, current and next. Within in each drop-down there are fine-tuning options as seen below. These dynamic filters will auto-update as time progresses, so if you use the Previous calendar month for Print - Publication Date, and create a collection from that filter, all assets in that collection will have a publication date in last month.


Combining Filters

When using different sets of filters there are varying behaviours, depending on which ones are chosen.

  • If you combine different non-media filters (e.g. Advertiser=Coffee, Business Unit=Cappuccino) then assets will only be shown if all filters are matched.
  • If you combine different values for non-media filters (e.g Advertiser=Coffee, Advertiser=Tea, Advertiser=Water) then assets will be shown if they match any of the filters.
  • If you combine Media filters with non-media filters (e.g. Media=Video, Media=Image, Advertiser=Coffee) the library will return any videos and images where the advertiser is Coffee.

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