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Copying Metadata for delivery

Hi All,

Hope you are well.
It is currently not possible to quickly and savely copy metadata from an existing library asset when placing an order.

At currently the process is as follows:
1) Add Media - Retrieve from Library
2) Select asset - click add to order
3) Click 'Copy Current'
4) Go back to the added asset from the Library and make sure to delete it (just wanted to copy the info,not send it out to the stations)

And voila! you have copied the metadata from an already existing asset within the library.
Bit of work around plus there is the potential danger of forgetting to delete the asset after you have copied its data.

My idea is therefore: Can we come up with a more direct/safe way to do this?

Thanks in advance for looking into this.

Best, Lida.

Lida Muhl

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Hi Lida - congratulations on being our first community forum poster!

This represents a new feature request, so I'll create a Help Centre ticket under your name and copy Katie and Sam into it.

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