ClearAds / CAB - Clearance Approval

Contact for Broadcast Client Service Team (VIP Care Team)

Phone: AU -1300 423 787 (Press 1 for VIP Care Team) NZ - 09 281 3664 
Operational Hours: 8:30 am - 8:00 pm (AEST) Monday to Friday.


As per Australian and New Zealand law, TVCs require regulatory approval. We can lodge a ClearAds application on your behalf. We will require the below for ClearAds applications:

  1. Detailed script with audio/vision/supers - view example script
  2. Substantiation documents for claims made in TVC (not all TVCs will require)

Application Costs*

Clear Ads (formerly CAD) - Australia

Turnaround time  Application Cost
Standard (48 hour) turnaround $230 per key number*
Priority (24 hour) turnaround $460 per key number

*For full ClearAds application fee's please reach out to the client service team as per the above details.

Dispatch to ClearAds Direct (via One Delivery Platform)**
Next Day (By 9am) $25 per key number*
Immediate $70 per key number*

**This is not an application but just delivering the files to ClearAds only. A Full application will still need to be lodged.

CAB - New Zealand

SLA Application Cost
Standard 24 Hour turnaround. $150 per key number

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