Step-by-Step One Delivery Ordering Guides

 If you need to get in contact with ANZ Delivery team you can contact them as per the below:
Phone: 1800 953 863  
Operational Hours: 6:30am - 21:00 (AEST)

If you need to contact the VIP Care Team you can contact them as per the below:

Phone: 1300 423 787 (Press 1 for VIP Care Team)
Operational Hours: 8:30 - 20:00 (AEST)

These are step-by-step guides covering every stage of the broadcast ordering process. Simply click on the link to view them or right-click to download the PDF.

  1. Ordering (Click here)
  2. Ordering from Library (Click here)
  3. Auto and Human QC Results (Click here)
  4. Upload Request (Click here
  5. Uploading (Click here)
  6. AQC Results and Resupply (Click here)

Please ensure you clear your cache to download the latest version. 

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