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Phone: 1300 423 787 (Press 1 for VIP Care Team)
Operational Hours: 8:30am - 8:00pm (AEST) Monday to Friday.


Adstream's intelligent QC combines the power of Automated Technology Checks with Human Quality Checks from trained operators. This combination offers clients a total of 66 checks on their TVC files.

31 Auto Tech Checks

Check Type
File name File
Check sum File
File extension File
Container type File
File size [Mega Bytes]File File
Average bitrate General
Bitrate mode General
Frame rate Video
Frame count Video
Chroma sub sampling Video
Codec Video
Format commercial Video
Format profile Video
Resolution Video
Standard Video
Luminance Video
Chrominance Video
Incorrect GOP Structure/Length Video
Display aspect ratio​ Video
Scan type (progressive/interlaced)​ Video
Scan order (upper/lower field) Video
Video and audio duration Video
Pixel aspect ratio Video
Audio sampling frequency Audio
Quantisation Audio
Audio loudness Audio
Audio true peak Audio
Audio bitrate​ Audio
Audio 12 frames silence TOP Audio
Audio 12 frames silence TAIL Audio
Stereo/mono Audio


35 Human Checks

Check Type
Moire and fixed pattern noise Video
Video compression artefacts (spatial & temporal) Video
Title safe errors Video
Text issues (readability) and logos Video
Spots, scratches, heavy grain (noise) ex film footage Video
Dropped/Skipped frames Video
Sharpness – poor resolution Video
Offline media and rendering issue Video
Mixed aspect ratios Video
Low Bit rate Video
Jump cuts Video
International standards verification Video
Interlacing errors Video
Freeze frames Video
Frame blending Video
Field dominance issues (vision, graphics, effects) Video
Duration Video
Drop outs Video
Frame duplication Video
Digital artefacting Video
Black frames Video
Video compositing errors Video
Aspect ratio Video
Aliasing Video
Spelling errors and incorrect web addresses  Video
Vision/voice over differences e.g. v/o will say one price, graphic says another Video
Flash frames Video
Clapper and key number protocol requirement Video
Captions and caption placement Video
Jitter, jerkiness or judder Video
Subjective compression/quality issues Video
Lip sync Audio
Audio mix errors Audio
Audio drop outs Audio
Stereo/mono Audio
*Our team endeavours to check all spelling and web addresses. However it's not guaranteed that they will find all spelling errors.   

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