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1.9.1, 17th December 2019

1.9.1 brings some minor UX changes.


1.9, 5th December 2019

1.9 is a minor release of bug fixes and improvements.


1.8, 21st November 2019

The release of 1.8 brings with it the following:

  • Facebook Paid advertising workflow is now available for all users
  • Facebook post URL now displayed in destination details when the post is published.
  • Social account icon is now displayed in the post preview section.


1.7, 18th November 2019

The file resolution check when posting video files to Twitter has been removed.


1.6, 15th November 2019

With 1.6 you can now add Tags to YouTube posts. Furthermore:

  • Introduced validation for Twitter Owned posts. Such as checking valid file types of file to be posted to Twitter.

  • Selected destinations are no longer lost when saving a Draft.

  • Other misc bug fixes & improvements


1.5, 7th November 2019

The release of 1.5 brings the ability to publish content to Twitter.


1.4, 6th November 2019

1.4 introduces contextual help to ONE Social alongside:

  • Background updates for Twitter Owned and Youtube Owned + Paid Public release.
  • Improvements to information shown on order summary table to give better clarity to order status.
  • Usability improvements for date & time fields.
  • Background updates ready for further enhanced ACL for One Social.


1.3, 31st October 2019

1.3 brings a fix to an issue where occasionally Scheduled posts were not moving to Published status.


1.2, 29th October 2019

Features of 1.2:

  • Ability to search by Order Number in Order Summary screen.
  • Improved error messages to give more context to users.
  • Usability improvements to the Date & Time fields when entering information for a post.
  • Bug fixes for Draft Order view where values were not being saved.
  • Other minor bug fixes.


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