Campaign Management for Brand leveraging Media Bookings Exchange

The Media Bookings Exchange service from Adstream brings with it a set of tools facilitating the fulfilment of press campaign across multiple teams (media agency, brand, traffic, studio etc) sharing one single interface, showing all booking orders to be processed for your brand.

The service allows the brand to receive and acknowledge booking orders directly from media owners and media agencies. It also allows traffic teams to check plans against confirmed bookings and production teams to access the bookings for all required information to carry out their work.


1.png Media Agency

Firstly the media agency fills out a local version of the Media Bookings Sheet with the media plan and then sends this to the Brand for approval.

Initially all bookings will carry the status Planned, indicating that it has come from the Media Agency.

The media booking sheet could be shared using OneDrive and therefore accessed centrally making sure everyone within the team work from the same version.

The team can also get access to the My Booking tab within Adsend, affording them visibility of the orders that have been submitted for execution and therefore see the progress of the campaign.

2.png The Brand

The Brand receive the plan as an Adstream Booking Sheet and then review each line and submit the bookings from within the sheet.

After signing off on an order, the team changes the status from Planned to Confirmed (or equivalent) indicating the order can be effectively submitted for execution.

When ready to submit, the team clicks Submit Booking Schedule in the sheet, which will automatically change the status of relevant bookings For execution (or equivalent).

The team can review their submitted bookings from in the My Bookings tab in Adsend under My Agency and track the progress of the campaign.

3.png Traffic

The traffic team has access both to the Media Booking sheet of the initial signed off Media Plan, and to the My Bookings tab showing all the orders submitted by the brand team as well as any orders confirmed by the publishers.

The traffic team can then review these incoming bookings, keeping an eye out for any discrepancies. Once satisfied they will acknowledge bookings, signalling to the studio they can pick up the bookings and upload the corresponding ad materials. 

4.png Studio

Studio users review the My Bookings menu for confirmed orders and create jobs based of this.

These bookings in Adsend will change to In Production indicating the Studio is working on them.

5.png Publisher

The publisher receives ad material with the correct booking number allowing them to auto populate their flat plan without further manual intervention.

Once Traffic acknoweldge bookings, the publisher team are notified that the ad materials will soon follow cutting out any additional copy chasing.

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