Keeping Connected - Troubleshooting

Maintaining the connection between ONE Social and your social channels is vital in ensuring your posts are published at the right time and you have continued control of your content.

After the initial set up, we make sure those connections are kept up and running and let you know if there's any problems.

Manual publishing/unpublishing error

Firstly, when manually publishing or unpublishing a post, and an error is encountered, ONE Social will try to repeatedly publish the post. If the failure to post continues, you will see an error detailing the issue, allowing you to take action to resolve.

Preflight checks for publishing and unpublishing posts

Ahead of any scheduled posts being published or unpublished, checks are made that ONE Social can still connect to the channel in question and is still able to post the video. These checks are done both when you are logged in to ONE Social and the social network in question, or not.

Checks at login

Upon logging in a check is made that you are still authenticated with your connected channels. This would also be a check at the preflight check stage.


  1. ONE Delivery i.e TV delivery does not have to be enabled for ONE Social to work and for the time being, it gets around this issue.
  2. Please check what new BU Labels are available from the connect page and check with Michael Cowler or Tech if these can be added. However, we will normally not have full release features on toggle now so you shouldn’t worry about automatically adding the BU labels



Ticket Reference: #706122


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