Managing Your Posts

Once you've published your posts you can manage them from the main ONE Social dashboard through six auto-updating tabs and some quick controls that'll make sure you can keep track of all your posts.



If you've started to create a new post but have not yet published it, you can use the Save & Exit button to keep the post in the Drafts tab.


Any posts in the Drafts tab can be edited through the Actions menu on each post.


The Scheduled tab holds any published posts which have a start date and time still in the future from the current date and time.

Posts can be cancelled before their publish time by clicking the Actions button and choosing Cancel.


See below{/s} for the logic for multi-channel posts.


The Published tab holds any published posts where the current date and time sits between the start and end times of the post.

Posts can be manually taken down on a channel by channel basis by clicking the Unpublish button.


See below{/s} for the logic for multi-channel posts.


The Unpublished tab contains any posts where the current date and time has passed end date and time of the post. It also contains any posts which have been manually unpublished.

YouTube posts can be republished by clicking the Republish button.


With Errors

The With Errors tab contains any posts which have any issues with channel connection. Read our Keeping Connected guide for more info the resolving errors.


The Uploaded tab, will show all posts that have been created through the Paid advertising workflow. 

Multi-Channel Posts: Logic

When a post contains multiple channels, and those channels have differences, there is a logic that applies to where they appear in the tabs above.

The below example contains a post with two channels, where one has an error and the other does not. In this situation the post will appear both in the With Errors tab and the Unpublished tab as the end date for the 1st channel has passed.


Similarly, if a post was being sent to two channels with different publish dates (one currently live and one not yet published) the post would be visible in both the Schedule and Published tabs.


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