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Once set up{{Getting Set Up}}, you can begin posting your content from ONE Social straight to your channels.

From the ONE Social dashboard you'll see a button to create a New Post. Clicking it will give you two options: 

  1. Paid Advertising allows you to send your content to ad networks, plugging your material directly into existing campaigns.
  2. Owned Media means you can send your branded content directly to your social channels.


Owned Media

Owned Media{nav}

Post Details

Choosing Owned Media will present you with the Post Details page where you must follow these steps to publish your post:


  1. Choose whether to provide media yourself or Send an Uploader Request.
    1. If you are suppling the media yourself, you can either Upload a file (upload file from computer) or Search Media (find file in your Library/Projects/Media Manager).
      The file will go through a QC at this point to check it is a valid video or image file.
    2. If you are requesting someone else to upload the file, enter their email address and an optional message to accompany the request. See below for further details on guest uploader.
  2. Use the channels menu to pick the destination(s) for the file.
  3. Type a title and description for the post and enter the time, date and timezone for publishing.
  4. Click Publish.

File Preview

Once you have added your file and selected at least one channel, you will see a preview of the file on the left side of the page, allowing you to see how the file will look in its final destination.


If you've chosen more than one channel, you can click the channel icons to see how the post will look at the various destinations.

Multi-Channel Posts

Multi-Channel Posts{nav}

When posting a file to multiple channels you will be presented with the option to set individual descriptions and publish times for each channel.

Use the channel picker to select a channel and edit the publishing details. If you don't enter specific details for a channel it will inherit the details entered in the Overall channel mceclip1.png.


Paid advertising

Paid Advertising{nav}

Choosing Paid advertising presents you with a very similar workflow to Owned Media, except you do not have options for publish dates and times or descriptions as this file will be going to the ad account of your chosen destination.


Guest Uploader

Guest Uploader{nav}

When selecting guest uploader for either Paid or Owned posts, the process follows these steps:

The post creator will enter email address of uploader and any messages for them, then select destinations and send the request.


The uploader will then receive an email requesting the files.


Following the link in the email, the uploader will upload a file against the order.


Once the file has been uploaded, the original post creator, will receive an email notifying them of the completed upload. To complete the process they must then open the post (which is still in the Drafts tab of the ONE Social dashboard) by clicking Edit under the Actions button, review the uploaded content, and click Publish.

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