Getting Set Up

Before posting your content{{Posting an Ad}}, you'll need setup connections to your various social networks.

These connection are all setup from your Social Settings page which can be found by following these steps:

  1. Log in to with your usual platform credentials.
  2. Click One Delivery in the nav bar at the top of the page and then choose Social from the TV, IPTV & OTT dropdown.


  1. Open your Social Settings by clicking your profile picture in the top right corner of the page.


  1. From your Social Settings page you must then pick your channel of choice.


Facebook (Instagram)

Facebook (Instagram){nav}

  1. Choose the Facebook (Instagram) channel and log in with your Facebook Account in the pop-up window.


  1. Choose the Page(s) you want to connect to ONE Social.
If you don't have any Pages on your Facebook Account, you must create one first and then restart this step.


  1. Set the permissions of control for ONE Social over your Page(s).


  1. Your Page will now appear as a channel in the Connected accounts tab, where you can easily show/hide it from the pickable channels in the channel list.


Furthermore if you have an Ad Account set up with Facebook, this will automatically be connected to ONE Social enabling, the Paid Advertising workflow.

This means you can send your ads into your Ads Manager in Facebook where you can connect them into campaigns both in Facebook and Instagram, as long as your Instagram account is connected to your Ads Manager in Facebook.

This is currently the only way to send content to Instagram, since the Instagram API does not allow direct posts through the Owned Media workflow.



Choose the Twitter channel and log in with your Twitter account in the pop-up window and then authorise ONE Social to access your account.


For the Paid Advertising workflow, you will need to set up Twitter Ads account, which will be automatically connected when you set up a Twitter connection.



Choose the YouTube channel and log in with your YouTube account in the pop-up window and then authorise ONE Social to access your account.


If getting error message "Unable to connect this channel", it means you don't have Channel setup in your YT account. So you had to have a Channel set up in YT account then only it will works to connect.

Managing Your Connections

Managing Your Connections{nav}

It is easy to manage all your connections from the Connected accounts tab.


From the Actions menu, you can remove a channel entirely or re-authenticate it.

Re-authentication is used if there's ever an error between ONE Social and the channel (such as a change of the channel password) or if the page's visibility has been changed.

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