Usage Rights

The Adstream Platform allows you to add information regarding a number of different usage rights types to your assets, allowing you to keep track of which files are ready to use and which have expired.

Working with Usage Rights

Working with Usage Rights{nav}

To add usage rights data, open a file and click the Usage Rights tab below the main file preview.


Use the dropdown menu to select your usage rights type and then click the + button to open the pop-up where you need to fill in the required information.


Certain information will change depending on the type of usage rights, but you must always set a start date for the rights and either choose an end through a date/expiry period or set the rights to never end.

The start time for usage rights by default is set to 00:00, however, this can be changed by either typing in the start time manually or using the scroll bar available to scroll through the hh and mm list. End time can also be selected in the same manner.

As a default this time zone will reflect the time zone set in your user profile, however, this can be changed by selecting another time zone from the drop-down. If there is no time zone set in your user profile, then you must select a time zone to proceed.


Once added, you'll see usage rights summarised below your file preview which can be edited with the  edit icon and removed with the  (which is only visible after click edit).

Global Usage Rights

Global Usage Rights{nav}

For a more straight forward way of managing usage rights, choose the Global usage rights type, which allows you to manually set the asset to either be available or expired, overriding all other usage rights on the file.


Working with Multiple Files

Working with Multiple Files{nav}

It is possible to assign usage rights to multiple files at once from the main view of your project files. After highlighting the files in question, click the More menu, choose Add Usage Rights and follow the same steps as above.


From this view you can also quickly see which assets are available through the green mceclip3.png and red mceclip2.pngtriangle badges, where green indicates an available asset, and red is unavailable.

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