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What is ONE: Social?

ONE Social compliments the ONE Delivery family by allowing you to send video ads to your social channels e.g. Facebook, Youtube, Twitter.

What do I need to do to my videos before sending?

We're flexible, so all you need to do is cut the file to length and upload! No need to worry about aspect ratios, we accept the usual horizontal files as well as square and vertical ratios.

Can I send my TV ad to Social?

That's the plan, we're looking at the best way to make that available from your Projects and Library area too.

What’s the difference between paid advertising and owned media?

If you're making a post direct to a page or your own channel, you don't need to associate your media with an ad campaign and we call this Owned Media.

If you're uploading material into a specific campaign on a social network then you can retrieve a campaign ID and we'll associate that video to the campaign making the management that much easier.


Where do my Paid advertising posts end up?

Posts sent through the paid workflow will end up in the Ad accounts associated with your social channels as seen here:

Facebook (Instagram)

Facebook paid posts will appear in the Images page of your Facebook ad manager:



Your paid Twitter posts can be found in Creative tab of your Ads page:



You will see YouTube paid posts in your YouTube Studio:


How do I connect my social accounts to ONE: Social?

Your Social Settings page will give you a list of the social networks we're integrated with. From here, select the channel and follow the steps, entering your social credentials and we'll connect that channel to your channel list from there on. No need to re-enter credentials again. More details available here{{Getting Set Up}}.

How do I upload my content?

Click here{{ONE Social - Quick Guide}} for our guide.

Can I preview my content before publishing?

Yes, upload your video and select a channel and placement and you'll get an idea how its going to look when published in our image viewer.


How do I schedule and plan my posts?

Start date & time, end date & time and timezone are entered across all the posts you make. You can take down a post or edit this info at any time.

Can I unpublish content before the end of its schedule?

Absolutely, you can pull down a post at anytime.

What reporting can I see on my content?

We're going to be building out reporting starting with usage and then once you make us aware of where else your campaign is airing we'll track that too and roll it all up into a cross media report.

Can I set the hero/poster frame?

Not yet, but it's on our roadmap.

Can I approve content before posting?

We will be enabling an approvals module soon so all content and/or posts have an approvals workflow.

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