ONE Social Overview

ONE Social is Adstream’s Social Media flagship application bringing control and scalability to Brands' social media content supply chain like no other.

Gathering and organising your social media content in Adstream’s award winning asset management platform and publishing directly to all your favourite social media platforms from one centralised asset library{/s}. This allows a breadth of control across social media platforms from one application allowing you to schedule your social publishing at scale and always in control.

Getting Set Up

Before you begin posting your content, you'll need to connect your social channels to ONE Social, from the Social Settings page.


The process is slightly different for each connection, so click here{{Getting Set Up}} to learn how to get up and running. 

Posting Your Ad

Once setup, you can begin posting your content from ONE Social straight to your channels.

You will be able to post your ad in two ways:

  1. Paid Advertising allows you to send your content to ad networks, plugging your material directly into existing campaigns.
  2. Owned Media means you can send your branded content directly to your social channels.


After choosing the preferred method, you'll need to provide a file, choose a destination and fill in required metadata.

To learn about this process and how to manage multichannel posts click here{{Posting an Ad}}.

Managing Your Posts

Once you've begun posting your content, you can use the 6 tabs on the ONE Social dashboard to keep track of which posts are live and easily unpublish posts with one click.

To learn more about the different tabs and how you can manage your posts click here{{Managing Your Posts}}.



If you need any assistance solving any issues you're experiencing check out our Troubleshooting and FAQs.

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