Using Media Bookings Exchange

By integrating Adsend with PADN{/s}, we are now able to provide you with all bookings you have been sent by publishers, through Adstream's Media Bookings Exchange.

In the Manage Jobs section you will see the My Bookings tab. By default, here you will see a list of all your open bookings with the create ticket option.

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By using the filters above the list of bookings, you can search by booking service, number, status, date and more. To apply the filters you must click the Search button once you've set your filters.

Services and Statuses

By using the Booking Services menu, you can quickly filter your bookings by the service which was used to create the booking. The menu is split between publishers (in the first section) and media agencies (below the line).


You can also filter by Booking Status:

Status Description
Any All bookings.
Open Bookings which have been assigned and are ready to be managed.
Confirmed Bookings which have been acknowledged by the user. Status changes from Open to Confirmed once acknowledged.
In Production (Auto) Bookings which have had a job created from them, using create job function from My Bookings.
In Production (Manual) Bookings which have had a job created manually using the validated booking number.
Fulfilled Bookings which have a job which has been sent to publication, therefore fulfilling the booking. 
Deleted Bookings which have been cancelled by the publisher.

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