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Getting started with Ordering

Wie platziere ich einen Auftrag?

Once logged in to the adstream platform, navigate to the ONE-Delivery tab at the top of the screen. Then click the New Order button in the top right corner of the screen. Click hier{{Wie platziere ich einen neuen Auftrag}} for further instructions.

Wo kann ich den Status eines Auftrags einsehen?

Find all existing orders on the overview page of ONE Delivery. From here, click the order in question to view its current stage. Click hier{{ONE Delivery kurz erklärt}} for more info.

How do I setup email notifications for an order?

Email notifications can be set up at any time, after the initial input of the order info and before submitting the order. It can be done from the more options menu mceclip1.png found on the left hand side. Read here{/s} for more.

Wo finde ich weitere Hilfe?

You can access training and help directly within the platform, by clicking the blue Help icon on the right side of the page.
We've created a number of different training resources for you, such as videos and articles, that can all be accessed through the Help Menu.

Getting started with Uploading

Wie kann ich mich registrieren?

If you are uploading a file, you will have received an email with a link to sign up. Upon following this link, you can choose to sign in with your existing Adstream credentials or sign Sign Up.

Wie lade ich eine Datei hoch?

Once you have an account you can upload a file by dragging and dropping it onto the Uploader page{{Wie lade ich einen neuen Spot hoch}}, or by using the Upload and QC New File button on the same page.

What duration should I select in the drop down option when placing an order or uploading an asset?

This duration should be the TVC duration, not the duration of the full headbuild. The auto QC profile automatically then detects the presence of the headbuild and QC's against this. If the headbuild is not as per the White Pages spec and durations, the file will fail Auto QC.

Going further with Uploading

Is there a specific format for the name of my file?

Yes, you must ensure that the file is named using the clock number, for example

Are there any charges for uploading a file?

No, you can upload and submit files for free. Also if they have minor issues that need fixing, such as slightly high audio levels, these can be automatically fixed for no charge upon submitting the file.

How can I download the QC report for my upload?

Once your file has gone through the auto-QC process (which happens automatically upon upload), click the View Details button and then click the  button to download the QC report.

How can I re-upload a new version of my file?

Once your file has gone through the auto-QC process and issues have been identified, click the View Details button and then click the Re-Upload button to upload a new version of the file against the same order.

Technische Fragen 

What formats are acceptable for Media Manager and One Delivery?

Media Manager accepts most common Broadcast deliverable formats, including MXF and MOV XDCAMHD422 and Pro Res 422HQ MOV formats, click here{/s} for a full list of specs.

Can I deliver files as TVC only?

Currently One Delivery is setup for full headbuilds, so files will have to meet the required spec for the region including clock/slate and freeze if required.

Can I deliver Progressive files?

No, all files need to be correctly Interlaced for broadcast delivery as per the regional specs. Source files with material derived from a Progressive source will be queried within auto QC.

Do you have Media Manager Preset/Encoding guides available for Download?

Yes, we have presets for Adobe Premiere/Media Encoder and guides for use with Avid and FCPX.

What is R128 audio?

EBU R128 is the standard for broadcast audio, defined by the European Broadcasting Union. This specification defines program loudness level in LUFS (Loudness units relative to full scale) and maximum permitted true peak, in addition to short term/momentary characteristics.
Loudness metering is defined in ITU-R BS.1770 and summarised in EBU Tech 3341.

What video tolerances do we work to?

This depends on the region, the UK for example works to EBU R103 gamut tolerances.

What Title Safe is defined by the title safe overlay in Media Manager?

The title safe overlay viewable in Media Manager is always specific to the local market requirement. The UK works to EBU R95-1 and a title safe overlay template is available for download here{/s}.

How do I fix minor QC issues raised?

By Selecting the Fix and Submit option within Media Manager, this confirms your acceptance for Adstream to fix these issues, allowing the file to be progressed through to the next stage of processing and delivery. This option is available within the QC report tab, within the uploaded asset.
NB: If fails are raised in addition to queries, a file cannot be progressed without manual intervention, such as re-uploading the file or sending to AdPro.

For a full explanation of key Broadcast video technical terms, see the technical terminology document available here{/s}.

Interpreting Auto QC Results  

How do I know the status of my file?

At each point of QC, you will see a status notification within the asset.
If a file fails QC or there is a duration mismatch between the order placed and the asset uploaded, you will see a red QC failed notification within the uploaded asset on media manager.

If the file has minor technical issues, which can be autofixed on delivery, a yellow Minor QC issues notification box is viewable.

If the file has no issues, you will see a green QC Passed notification.

How do I view the Queries or Fails from the Auto QC? 

To view the Fails or Queries highlighted within the QC, click on the asset in media manager and these will be viewable within the QC report tab.

Interpreting Auto QC Queries

Luminance (Brightness) exceeds maximum Broadcast tolerances as set by white pages and as per regional requirements.

Luminance (Brightness) is below minimum Broadcast tolerances as set by white pages and as per regional requirements. This is referred to as sub blacks, which fall below 0% or 0mv.

Color Gamut
RGB Gamut exceeds Broadcast tolerances

Audio Level
Audio level measuring at -24.6 LUFS, target needs to measure to -23 LUFS (with +/- 0.5 tolerance)

Interpreting QC Fails

Missing black
Black frames missing from headbuild

Audio silence
Audio silence not found at the start of the file for correct duration. Refer to white pages for correct duration of silence required. In this case for the UK market 6 frames of silence are required.

Audio silence at the end of the file is not to the correct duration. Refer to white pages for correct duration of silence required. In this case for the UK market 6 frames of silence are required.

Freeze frame
Freeze frame duration of 2 frames does not match the required duration of 10 seconds

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