It is possible to share assets from two locations in the New Library:

  1. When selecting an asset in the main library view and clicking the more menu button ⋮

  1. When viewing an asset in Single Asset View and clicking the Share icon below the asset

In both situations, you will see the sharing window appear:

There are four tabs to this window:

1. Share

In the 1st tab, you can:

  • Enter the name or email address of the people you want to share the asset with
  • Set the expiry date of their access
  • Add any messages to provide context
  • Set the download options for the file

2. Secure Shares

In the 2nd tab, you can view and revoke any access for existing shares.

3. Public Link

The 3rd tab allows you to generate and manage a public facing link.

 Your options in this tab are:

  • Activate the link by using the switch labeled Inactive/Active
  • View and Copy the link
  • Set the expiration date for access to the link
  • Set the download options for the file
  • Enter the name or email address anyone you would like to immediately send the link to.

4. Public Link Access

The last tab, simply shows you a dated list of when users have been directly sent the public link.

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