"H" less HD Spot , How to process through A5, Guid creation, "No Media Format Found"

If you have an HD spot that does not end in "H" - please follow these steps to ensure it gets processed correctly.


  1. Upload spot to AdPro Operations (Legacy Javelin) and wait until it is processed
  2. Place order as normal via A5
  3. NA Client Services (Legacy Javelin Service Ops) to check order came through with HD flavors
  4. Once order goes to Pending/Order will appear in OMS Scheduled as “no media format found”
  5. Look up ISCI in OMS Media Library
  6. Mark ISCI as “Canadian HD”
  7. Campaign will update and complete



If you cannot wait for AdPro to process the spot (ie. Spot will not be available for some time and you need to place order now) - you can place order via OMS by creating the ISCI in the media library and marking it as “Canadian HD”.   Steps 3-7 still need to be completed by a member of the Legacy Javelin team once spot has been uploaded.


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