Creating a Task

Tasks provide an easy and efficient way of managing individual pieces of work assigned to specific users. For example, a piece of development work for the Email workflow assigned to Jane Bloggs.

Account Managers are responsible for creating tasks for the most part, however QA users are also required to create them at certain times. See the relevant quick guides to learn when to do this:

Account Managers Quick Guide

Quick Guide (QA Team)

Creating a New Task

Since any task lives inside a work item, you must first locate the work item in question. The easiest way to do this is through the work items list view as detailed in the Saved Searches article.

Once you've found the work item, open the Tasks tab and click Add task.

In the corresponding pop-up, enter a name for the tasks and then fill out the details in the next page.

Here you can edit the name, set the scheduled start and end dates, assign the task and add any notes.

As an account manager you will usually assign the task to an unallocated user (either design or copy) and as a QA team member, you'll only be creating tasks for dev users so you should assign the task to the original developer who created the work.

Copying Tasks

At the bottom of this page, you can use the Copy task button to quickly copy the task multiple times.

You can then click the Tasks tab to view the list and reassign/rename any tasks accordingly one by one.

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