Work Requests

Work Requests are used to manage the Sky Works Brief and both Stakeholders and Account Managers are involved in this process.

Creating a Work Request (Stakeholder)

Stakeholders are responsible for creating the work request, here's how it's done:

  1. Once logged in, click Projectat the top of the page
  2. Click the Work Requests tab
  3. Click the New Work Request button to open the form

  1. Choose the Sky Works Brief Template from the template dropdown.
  2. Fill in the form, keeping aware of the following notes:
    • You can ignore the attachment button
    • The job number is entered by the Account Manager
    • Make sure to enter the account manager in the AM field

As long as the status of the Work request remains on Draft you can make as many changes as you like.
Once you’re happy to release it to Sky Works, change the status to Release to SW and click Save, generating a PDF of the brief containing all the relevant details.
When you are ready to notify the Account Manager (who has already been entered in the AM field), simply add them to the Project Owner field. They’ll receive an email notifying them of their new access to the work request, enabling them to log in and review the Brief.

Editing a Work Request (Account Manager)

Once the status of the work request has been set to Release to SW and the account manager field has been set, you, as that AM, can now begin work on the work request.

Step 1
You need to enter the job number into the work request. If you haven't already created a job for the campaign, click here{{Creating a Job}} to learn how.

Once you have the job number, log in to and click the Projects module in the navigation bar at the top of the page and then click the Work Request tab.

To find your work request in the list:

  • Click the  button to view list of additional columns.
  • Add any extra columns to view e.g. Account Manager
  • Click the  button to activate filtering
  • Click the same icon on the Account Manager column
  • Choose your name from the dropdown
  • Open the desired work request
  • Click Edit
  • Change the status to AM Review
  • Enter the job number

Step 2
Next, you can review the PDF containing the brief details. It is located in the middle of the page, under Available Assets on the project.

  • Click the document to open it and review
  • If you decide changes are required, use the Edit button to edit the form.
  • Change the status to Sent for SH Approval and click Save.

If the stakeholder rejects the brief, it will return to you with the status SH Rejected. You must repeat the above process and resubmit for approval.

Approving the Brief (Stakeholder)

When the work request status has been set to Sent for SH Approval, you will receive an email with a link to the file.

To approve the brief follow these steps:

  • Click the link in the email to open the approval of the brief
  • Use the approve or reject button
  • To add more detailed comments and visually markup the file, click Annotate. To learn about this process, find more info in the Stakeholder Approval article.
  • If you choose to Reject the system will change the status of the brief to SH Rejected, sending it back to the Account Manager to repeat the process.
  • If you choose to Approve the system will change the status of the brief to SH Approved. When approving, do not add further comments. If you have any change, reject the file and request the changes.
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