Approvals are set up by the admin user for the business unit, learn how here{{Business Unit Admin}}.

Once a file has been submitted for publishing on a channel where approvals are setup, the approval will be visible in the Approvals page accessible at the top of the page.

Here you can see any approvals awaiting your approval in the Requests tab or any approvals you have submitted in the Submissions tab.

Like with the other list views in Digital Connect you can filter, search and order the list how you like.

In the Requests tab, once you've found what you're looking for, the media is grouped by approval, since an approval may be sent with multiple files for approval.

You can choose to either approve or reject at an asset level or at the approval level, applying your decision to all assets within the approval.

Use the more options buttons to approve/reject.

In the Submissions tab you'll see an almost identical view. From the options menu you will have the option to recall approval requests or request an update, which will send an email to the approvers.

Approval Statuses

An approval will have a Pending status until either: the approval is approved (changing the status to Approved), rejected (changing it to Rejected) or the due date is passed (changing the status to Late).

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