Media Library

The Media Library is where all of your assets live. From here you can: see all your published assets, schedule assets to be published and view the status of all your assets.

Just below the navigation bar you can switch views between All media and live media, which are the assets that are currently published on your channels.

Below this you can choose to filter your content further:

  1. Click the blue funnel icon 
  2. A filters bar will open from the left
  3. Set your filters as required

You can filter by the asset status, publish date, advertiser and even more specifically by Youtube channel. Just check the set the options and the click Apply.

Each asset thumbnail displays if the file is published or due to be published to Youtube. It is marked with a Live indicator if it is currently published.

Asset View

See more detailed asset information by clicking the asset.

On the right side you have a number of tabs:

 - detailed information about the asset including the file information

 - channel information including the privacy settings of the asset, where you can also find a link to view the asset in YouTube.

 - scheduling information for the asset including dates and channels

 - approval information by channel

Publishing Assets to Youtube

From the media library it is quick and easy to publish straight to youtube by following these steps.

  1. Hover over the asset
  2. Click the Options menu (...) and click Publish
  3. Choose YouTube and fill in the first page of the form. Mandatory fields are marked with an asterisk *.

  1. Click Next and set the publish start and end dates and times
  2. Set the approval due date and click Next

  1. Fill in the third page of the form, all of which is metadata
  2. Once you're done, click Publish

If the asset needs approval you will now see a yellow bar across the top of it saying In Progress. Once the approval has been done (or if no approval is required) there will be no banner

To learn more about using approvals click here{{Approvals}}.

Asset Statuses & Icons

The yellow In Progress banner will appear across your assets in 4 scenarios:

  1. the asset is somewhere in the approvals process,
  2. the asset is being unpublished,
  3. the asset is being published,
  4. the schedule date for the asset is in the future.

Alongside the banner an asset can also display icons indicating its status:

  • Live - displayed when the asset is publish to YouTube, as long as the privacy status is not set to Private.
  • YouTube - displayed when an asset is uploaded to YouTube.
  • Adstream - displayed on any asset which is connected from an Adstream library collection.
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