Saved Searches

A quick an easy way for finding the work item you're looking for is to search for it in the work items list view, which is a dynamic view updated every two minutes. Furthermore you can also save these searches for future reference.

Navigate to the work items list by clicking Work Items in the nav bar at the top of the page.

You'll see a number of fields and menus at the top of the page:

  • Business Unit - filter by one or more business units.
  • Work item type/status - filter by work item and corresponding status.
  • Job - filter by a specific job.
  • Search - use this text field to search for specific work items.
  • Assigned to - filter by current assignee.

More options are available on the right hand side:

  • Work item create/due date - set a date range for the work item create or due date.
  • Account manager - filter by one or more account managers.
  • TL/RM - filter by one or more team lead or resource manager.
  • Sort order - choose how the list is being sorted.
  • Show closed - select whether closed work items appear in the search results.
  • Country - filter by country.

Once you've set the various filters accordingly, you must click Search for them to be applied.

Saved Searches

It is easy to save your search as a quick way of finding your work items in the future. After applying the search by clicking the Search button, click the Save search button and name your search. You also have the option here to share your search with other users - please use discretion when using this in order to not clog other users saved searches.

To find it again in the future, click the drop down arrow next to the button and you'll see a list of your saved searches.

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