Media Scheduler

The media scheduler gives you a view of all your upcoming posts in day, week or month view. Click Media Schedule in the nav bar at the top of the page to access it.

On the left you can use the funnel icon to access filter and search controls to quickly specific posts.

Day View

In day view you can see all the relevant detail for the posts being published that day. You can open the asset in more detail by clicking the thumbnail and by using the More Options menu (...) you can unpublish or update the post.

Clicking Update allows you to edit all of the assets information in the same way as when you first created it.

Week View

In the week view you see an overview of when the assets are going live or coming offline. By clicking the name of the asset, you can view more information of that asset and view a full screen preview.

Month View

In the month view you can hover over the number of media assets on a date to see what they are and then, by clicking on the date (e.g. 03 for 3rd August) you will be taken the day view of that specific date.


For the Week and Month views, you have the option to export the schedule as an .ics file for use in other applications. Just click Export at the top of the screen and then choose your date range.

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