Stakeholder Approval

A large portion of a Stakeholder's role in the new Tasks module is approving work.

The process is similar for the different routes to market, however there are some minor differences.

To learn more of your context within each workflow, review the workflow diagrams{{Workflow Diagrams}}.

Creative, Print, Press, DM, DOOH

Step 1

  • You will receive an email notifying you of a new approval
  • Click the link in the email to navigate to the approvals page

Step 2

  • Choose to approve, reject or annotate.
    • Approve - click approve and don't add any comments. You must reject work if you have any corrections, no matter how small. Clicking approve updates the work item status to Approved by SH.
    • Annotate - click the Annotate button to open the file in a new window.

  • Use the drawing tools to markup the file, or add comments on the right hand side. 
  • Close the browser window/tab - this will save your comments for others to see.
  • Reject - click reject and the work item status will be updated to Rejected by SH and a new version of the work item will be created. 

Display & Email

A stakeholder's approvals for Display and Email are done entirely through emails, since external links are used instead of loading files directly into the Tasks module.

Follow the instructions in the approval emails to view the display and email ads and respond in kind.

These responses will then be taken and input into the system by the account manager.

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