Adstream Digital Connect (currently in closed beta) gives you complete control over your social media video content, with multi-asset publishing, tiered approvals and more. 

It integrates with your Adstream Library collections and has a host of features allowing you administrative control and full visibility of your content on the channels you connect to it.

In this initial implementation a YouTube connector is available but in the future more social media channels will be added.

When you first login to Digital Connect you’ll arrive in the Media Library, where you can see all the videos you have available to publish and all the videos that are currently live across any of your channels (even if they’ve been uploaded from outside of Digital Connect).

Across the top bar are the different modules:

  • Media Library
  • Approvals
  • Media Scheduler
  • Analytics
  • Admin

You will see all the modules you have permission to view. If you can’t see one you're expecting in this top bar, get in touch with your system administrator.

As well as the modules you can also access your profile settings and change the group you are viewing in the top right corner of the page.

Profile Settings

By clicking your user icon in the top right corner, you can then click Profile / Settings which will lead you to a new window where with some profile settings.

Here you can upload a new picture by clicking the camera icon or change any of your details as seen above.

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