Working With Jobs

Finding Jobs

To find your Jobs click on Jobs in the tabs bar at the top of the page. Learn how to create jobs here{{Creating a Job}}.

From here you can see a list of jobs sorted by job number (descending) by default. To help you find the job you’re looking for, there are a number of tools available at the top of this page:

  1. Business Unit - use this dropdown menu to see jobs for in a specific business unit e.g. Sky Cycling.
  2. Status - see jobs in a certain status, such as Pipeline or Live.
  3. Search - use this free text entry field to search the various pieces of metadata (business unit, job name, status)
  4. Sort order - choose how the list of jobs is ordering e.g. by job number.
  5. More options: job create data - set a date range to only show jobs created between two dates.
  6. More options: Show closed jobs - checking this box will show jobs with the closed status.
  7. More options: Country - limits the jobs by country.

When using these options, you must set your choice first and then use the Search button in the top right of the page, which will then apply the filters to the list.

You can also use the Clear button just underneath that, to remove the filters and get back to the original list.

Updating Jobs

Once you've found the job, click it to access the Details tab, where you can see key info and update the job status.

Unlike with work item statuses, when you change a job status, no system actions are automatically triggered.

The statuses are used for reporting (e.g. how many pipeline jobs currently exist) so it is important to keep the job status up to date.

You can also use the Details tab to:

  • assign a Team Lead or Resource Manager,
  • enter the week number for the campaign to go live,
  • input the Project Type or RTM,
  • view the created and last updated dates.

Use the Work Items tab to view existing work items and create new ones. Click here{{Account Managers Quick Guide}} to learn how.


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