Quick Guide (Email Developer)

As a Developer for Email workflows, you will need to pick up tasks, update and finish them and send work for approval using work items. You'll also to need to update your timesheets.

Before your involvement in the workflow, the Account Manager creates work items and tasks corresponding to work to be completed, the Resource Manager then assigns this work to you.

Use the workflow diagram to get a bigger picture of the process.

Work item statuses you will use in Email

Status Function
In Production Use this when you have picked up a work item allocated to you and are producing the content offline.
On Hold Use this when you have reviewed a work item but have questions and are not ready to start production yet.
Sent for QA Approval  Set this, after uploading your file, to send work for QA approval.

Beginning Work

Beginning Work{nav}

First of all, once you've logged in, tasks will be assigned to you and you will see them on your homepage, accessible through the house icon  in the nav bar at the top of the page.

Clicking the task you want to work on will open it and take you to the Tasks tab of the work item which contains the task. The organisational structure is as such: Jobs contain Work Items, Work Items contain Tasks.

At the top there is a set of tabs, of which you will be using: Details, Brief, Revisions, Files, Tasks and Documents.

Firstly, use the Brief tab to review the essential details and the Documents tab to pick up any attached documents.

Once reviewed, open the task again and click the Start Task button in the bottom right and in the corresponding screen, change the status of the work item to In Production and confirm using the Start Task button. There is an option to change the status to On Hold from the Brief tab if you have questions for your team lead.

Linking to Content and Finishing Tasks

Linking to Content{nav}

Once you've finished your work offline, you must provide links to the display ads in order to send for QA approval.

The process is the same for both workflows, so follow these steps:

  1. Click the Files tab
  2. Click Add files
  3. Click Create empty file. This acts as a place holder for links.
  4. Enter the links in the Links field

  1. Click Save
  2. Click the Tasks tab and find the Task you have completed.
  3. Click Finish Task and do the following:
    1. Update the work item status to Sent for QA Approval
    2. Enter your time spent in hours and minutes.
    3. Set the activity type to Email Dev
    4. Add any notes
    5. Click Finish Task
  4. Click Save

Setting the work item status as Sent for QA Approval completes your work, however if your work is sent back with rework required, you must repeat the process above.

Find the details of the rework in the Revisiontab of the work item.



You can access training and help directly within the platform, by clicking the blue Help icon on the right side of the page.  We've set up training tasks tailored to your role. 
Access these from the training tab of the Help menu and you will be guided step by step through different tasks. These tasks will get crossed off as you complete them. You can replay them whenever you need to as well as access other content from the Help Menu.

Screen_Shot_2018-07-25_at_14.28.36.png Walkthroughs: step by step guides
Screen_Shot_2018-07-25_at_14.28.28.png Articles: Clicking on one of these will open a help article in a new browser window/tab
Screen_Shot_2018-07-25_at_14.28.44.png Videos: will play in a pop up window in the system

Lastly wherever you see this Screen_Shot_2018-07-25_at_14.31.51.png in the system you can hover over it for more information.

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