Product Overview

The new Tasks module from Adstream brings a new level of efficiency and ease to campaign management in Sky Works.

With a detailed project planning structure, simple resource management and streamlined approval processes, the Tasks module allows all users involved to quickly and effectively move the project forward at their corresponding stage.

Jobs, Work Items and Tasks

The hierarchy of a project is as follows:

  • Job - main container for the campaign
  • Work items - represent the various routes to market
  • Tasks - extra level of detail allowing for task scheduling and detailed resource management.


The Job acts as a container for all the work produced for the campaign and is created by an Account Manager (AM) at the beginning of the creative process and is maintained by an Account Manager throughout the workflows of various routes to market. 

Find out how to create Jobs here{{Creating a Job}} and to learn more about working with jobs click here{{Working With Jobs}}.

Work Items

Within a Job, exist Work Items (WIs). They are managed and maintained by an Account Manager but they are used by many different teams including Resource Management/Team Leads, Development (Email and Display), Production (Press & Print), Design, Copy and QA. 

Work items are used to track the progress of a campaign and move it through to completion, as well as acting as a container for the production/creative brief files. By changing work item statuses, setting up approvals, uploading attachments and more, you can manage the process from beginning to end.


For most of the routes to market (Creative, Display, Email & Design Production) there is a third level to the project structure - Tasks. Tasks afford an extra piece of detail to the project, including scheduling, resource management and more. Since the Press/Print workflow is faster and more straight forward, it does not require the extra detail provided by the usage of Tasks. For more information on tasks, see our articles on resource allocation{{Resource Allocation}} and timesheets{{Timesheets}}.

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