With the Tasks module it is quick and easy to keep a record of all work completed on a work item or task basis as well as logging time more generically, on a job basis. There’s a few ways of doing this, which will be explored here.

Work Item Level

Work Item Level{nav}


One way of logging time is on a work item, which can be done by navigating to the Details tab of the work item in question.

Once here, you can use the Add timesheet button at the bottom of the page to open a simple form where you can add the date, time in hours and minutes, activity and any further notes.

Task Level

Task Level{nav}

The next way to log time, is on a task level, which works in a similar way to when working with Work Items. First navigate to the task in question and again, at the bottom of the page you will see an Add timesheet button. Clicking this will open the same popup window as above where you can enter the same information against your time.

Also, when marking a task as finished or complete, the system will ask you to submit timesheet hours at that point.

Job Level

Job Level{nav}

The last way log time is at the job level, where it is not specifically attached to a work item or task.

Navigate to the home page (by clicking the home icon in the top left corner of the page) and in the Timesheets panel on the left, click the link to log your timesheets.

Here you can view your timesheet on a month by month basis, which you can change by using the drop down menus at the top.

From here you can use the buttons in the bottom right corner to Add timesheet data or edit the timesheet for the current month.

When you click Add timesheet, you will see a new popup window which allows you to choose the days you’d like to add time for.

In the following window you’ll see an area to add any notes and two buttons at the bottom of the screen to either Add job time or Add non-job time.

For work such as artwork creation or web development, you should choose to add job time, however for non job specific time such as admin or holiday, choose to add non-job time.

When you add job time you’ll see another popup, similar to when updating timesheets before, but this time, since you’re not already in a job, work item or task, you’ll have to enter the job number manually.

In this popup you’ll also see material and quantity fields which aren’t required so you can ignore these.

When adding non-job time the process is the same, except you don’t have to enter a job number as this time is not relating to a specific job.

Month Timesheet

Month Timesheet{nav}

The final way of updating your timesheet is through the Edit month timesheet button mentioned above.

This will take you to the month view seen here where you can easily enter your time in hours into the cells for a certain day, relating to a specific work item or non-job based time.

If you’re looking to add time to a specific work item, you can use the filtering options above the calendar to only show work items from a certain business unit or whether or not you you close/cancelled work items and more. Once you set your filters, you must then click Search before they are applied.

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