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5.14.6, 26th September 2019

The release 5.14.6 works to resolve some known issues such as improving vertical video playback, ensuring custom logos are embedded correctly in email notifications, and when a file are restored from trash, making sure its previous activities are restored with it.

We have also introduced a new column when viewing files in list view in Projects and Library to show the upload date of the file.

Stay tuned for all news of future releases.


5.14.4, 18th September 2019

Alongside the ongoing improvement in the experience of using the platform, by solving issues both front and back end, the release of 5.14.4 brings with it an update to the functionality of Search in the Projects, Dashboard and Presentations modules.

This update unifies the experience between these modules and the Library module, allowing you to easily search across all your content in one sleek, effective interface.

The other notable fix in this release means that now when sharing a file with another user and including a comment, the comment will attach to the appropriate version instead of defaulting to version 1.


5.14.3, 4th September 2019

With the release of 5.14.3 we have focused on fixing some minor issues in our delivery service and introducing some back end improvements to this service.

We look forward to sharing further news of more feature rich releases this September.

5.14.3{nav}, 22nd August 2019 is a minor patch update where we have worked on a number of technical improvements to improve reliability whilst also solving a couple of under the cover issues.Stay tuned for more updates in the coming weeks.{nav}

5.14.2, 17th August 2019

With version 5.14.2 we have updated the UI with new translations and improved the way you add users to a shared folder to make the process clearer. With this week's fixes we have resolved an issue with username searching in the admin area and an issue where previews for PSD files and HTML5 banners were intermittently not being generated.


5.14.1, 6th August 2019 

The latest minor release of our platform - version 5.14.1 - brings with a collection of bug fixes and under the surface internal system improvements.

Some notable fixes include:

  • Ensuring the related files icon is visible from all views within Projects.
  • Fixing an issue with download files where the title contained special characters.
  • Improving the reliability of notifications when updating shared statuses on folders.


5.14, 27th July 2019

Version 5.14 of the Adstream Platform brings with it a new login implementation. By adopting an industry standard IDP we've increased our enterprise security provisions to protect against brute force attacks.

Here are the ways in which you may notice a change:

  • After 5 invalid login attempts, users will be locked out for 15 minutes, after which users can attempt again.
  • After 30 minutes of idle activity, users will be automatically logged out. This however does not apply if there is a background task still taking place, such as uploading a large file which takes longer than half an hour to complete.


5.13.9, 23rd July 2019

With this latest release we have fixed some issues in the rendering of some different parts of the platform interface for a limited number of users. We’ve also updated some of our services behind the scenes to improve logging efficiency.


5.13.8, 16th July 2019

With this minor update we have worked on fixing some issues such as a limited problem with custom proxies showing correctly in Library and an issue affecting uploads of larger files.


5.13.7, 11th July 2019

In this release we have been working hard on our Mail Service, which is responsible for powering all platform notifications.

We have implemented a number of improvements and updates to the service to make it much more robust and increase its reliability when handling the ever growing load of notifications.

5.13.7{nav}, 9th July 2019

With we have continued to remove some known issues in the Adstream platform and make key improvements.

Notable work completed in this release includes updating interface translations, fixing an issue where limited users were unable to effectively view HTML banner playback and an issue with project list visibility.{nav}, 24th June 2019

With this patch we have worked to fix a number of known issues in the front end of the platform as well as some functionality issues in the Library.

The most pertinent of these include fixing Frame Grabber in Safari and ensuring metadata is correctly shown in all asset tiles.

Stay tuned for further releases in the coming weeks and months.{nav}

5.13.4, 11th June 2019

With this latest release, we have introduced optimised storage of any assets uploaded to the platform over a year ago.

The only change to functionality for these assets is the process of downloading master files, attachments, versions of project files or custom encodes. When attempting to download an archived file (or a group of files where some are archived), you will now be prompted to wait 5 minutes whilst the file is retrieved, after which you can retry the download and access it as usual.

The archiving process begins on June 25th, 2019 and is not an immediate process.


5.13.3, 4th June 2019

With 5.13.3 we've brought an update to frame grabber allowing you to delete any duplicate frames with one click.

We’ve also introduced the ability to send ads to ONE Delivery straight from Library or Projects, whilst removing some known bugs with certain features improving reliability and functionality.


5.13.2, 29th May 2019

5.13.2 brings with it improvements in the speed of creating projects from templates, a resolution for an issue with usage rights dates and a number of back-end technical updates.

Stay tuned for more improvements with future releases.


5.13.1, 22nd May 2019

This release includes :-

  • Some bug fixes in Frame grabber - create a custom story to ensure that frames requested for the master-still is same as the proxy-stills in the library and projects,
  • Some minor bug fixes in Library
  • Small enhancements in the order confirmation email to include agency country


5.13, 18th May 2019

This release includes a few minor improvements and bug fixes for the platform :-

  • Addition of new radio module and CM Online into the platform.
  • Updated usage rights in assets get correctly reflected in presentations.
  • Introduction of anti-virus checks on file uploads.
  • Performance improvement while adding users to BUs.


5.12.6, 14th May 2019

5.12.6 includes the rewrite of back end services for Approvals, Annotations and Frame grabber functionality in the A5 platform that use the  ".Net" core libraries. This is to address some technical problems in these areas.

There are no functional changes as part of this release.


5.12.5, 9th May 2019

5.12.5 brings with it some minor improvements and bug fixes. Notably, we have implemented some updated UI translations, ensured the functionality of dd/mm/yyyy date formats for Library filtering and fixed an issue with long comments in the Annotation tool.

Stay tuned for future updates.



5.12.3, 24th April 2019

With 5.12.3 we have been working to upgrade the Framegrabber tool which appears in both the Library and Projects module.

In the Projects module, you can now create master versions of captured frames.

By navigating to the Frames tab when viewing an individual file, you'll see the new Create Master button. This button allows you to convert previously captured frames (of proxy quality) into Master quality versions.

Click here{{Using Frame Grabber in Projects}} to learn more about using Frame Grabber in Projects.

You can also create master versions of captured frames, in the Library module. Furthermore, you can also now create custom storyboards here.

From the Frames tab on an individual asset, you can generate a story and choose the number of frames to be captured. A storyboard will then be automatically generated from either Proxy or Master frames, where the frames are equally spaced apart throughout the video file.

Click here{{Using Frame Grabber in Library}} to learn more about using Frame Grabber in Library.



5.12.2, 18th April 2019

In the latest update of our platform, we have worked as hard as ever to resolve a number of known issues and introduce some new updates and improvements.

We have updated the Framegrabber tool so that you can use it on assets, where you have read-only permission. We've also made it possible for you now to set the Collections tab in the Library as your startup page. Lastly, we've fixed some missing translations in the UI and solved a problem so that custom messages are correctly included in emails when sharing assets from the Library.



5.12.1, 15th April 2019

In 5.12.1 we have focused on our ordering processes both internally and for our customer-facing products. We have resolved some known issues as well as bringing some updates to our Portuguese translations of the interface alongside much more.



5.12, 6th April 2019

5.12 brings with it a large database update, which ensures greater efficiency behind the scenes. While databases might not be thrilling for everyone, our teams are excited by the improvements taking place.

Stay tuned in the coming weeks and months for more features.



5.11.5, 12th March 2019

In 5.11.5 we have continued to resolve some behind-the-scenes issues affecting our back-end systems, to improve the efficiency and reliability of the platform.



5.11.4, 5th March 2019

With the first release of March 2019, we've focused on resolving some known issues that have cropped up. These included a problem certain users were experiencing when refreshing their passwords and a fix we've applied to the new session timeout feature, reducing the timeout time from 60 to 30 minutes.

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5.11.3, 26th February 2019

With 5.11.3 we have expanded the choices available for your startup page to include our latest products, we have solved an issue with daily digests and continued our work behind the scenes to improve your experience of using our platform.



5.11.2, 20th February 2019

5.11.2 continues the iterative release process to bring you a greater user experience of the platform as we remove bugs and update features. This week we have introduced activity records for Sendplus downloads and improved the global search functionality when viewing all asset results.

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5.11.1, 12th February 2019

With this latest release, we have resolved a number of issues to improve the reliability of the platform as well as updating and improving some existing features:

  • We have updated the way you filter activity feeds, so now only relevant options are shown in the drop-down for activity types. For example, file activities are no longer show in the drop-down menu for the project overview activity feed.
  • We have updated an error message to be more specific and informative when creating a new project with a non-unique name.

Stay tuned for further releases coming soon.



5.11, 2nd February 2019

5.11 brings with it some key platform improvements, including faster loading time when sharing a folder and a clearer way of recording activities. Furthermore, we have resolved certain issues, such as an issue with editing metadata values of assets from multiple Business Units.



5.10.6, 22nd January 2019

In this point release, we have fixed an issue with ordering when uploading destinations via a CSV file alongside some UI updates and some under-the-hood improvements.

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5.10.5, 8th January 2019

The first release of the new year brings with it bug fixes affecting some internal processes. Stay tuned for more new improvements in the coming weeks and months.



5.10.4, 18th December 2018

In the second release of December, we have updated some back-end processes and also introduced some front-end features. The most notable feature of this release brings an update to global search{{Global Search}} in the New Library, where users can now view all search results for Library Assets.



5.10.3, 4th December 2018

This latest release's notable fixes and features include resolving some interface issues in the projects module and improving the functionality of approval activities to include approval stage names.



5.10.2, 25th October 2018

As well as continuing to work on fixing known bugs, the release of 5.10.2 introduces some new features, of which here are some standouts:

  • When you move a file to trash in Projects, the file will remain there for 30 days, after which it will be permanently removed.
  • The logo icon quality in BU branding has been improved.
  • New Spanish translations have been introduced.

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5.10.1, 16th October 2018

With the release of this patch we have mainly focused on removing some existing interface issues whilst also updating and improving some back end processes to improve performance of certain key tasks.

Stay tuned for further updates in the coming weeks and months.


5.10.1{nav}, 6th October 2018

This latest release brings an all new Library to the Adstream Platform. The Library's UI has been redesigned with a new look and feel giving you a cleaner and more focused experience. To learn more about what's new, sign in the Help Centre and check out our articles here{/s}.


Broadcast Traffic Manager 11.14.1, 6th October 2018

Broadcast Traffic Manager continues to be improved through new features and fixing existing bugs and issues.

Four of the most notable improvements over the last few months are:

1. Archiving Clocks
BTM users are now able to archive unused deliveries. Alongside this, users can now create tabs which will only show archived clocks and there is a new column when viewing orders in list view, indicated whether the clock is archived or not.

2. Downloading Masters
BTM users can now download master TVCs of orders they receive right in the Broadcast Traffic  platform. This feature must be enabled by Adstream admins.

3. Destination Filtering
It is now possible to filter by destination in Order Item (Clock) tabs. This means, that when expanding the row of a clock in one of these tabs, you will only see the destinations you have selected in the filter.

4. New Platform Field 
We have introduced a new field on the send level of an order to distinguish between Broadcast and Digital Platforms.

11.14.1 BTM{nav}

5.10, 15th September 2018

For this latest release, we have introduced the ability for Broadcaster Hubs and SuperHubs to contain destinations with varying approval levels, i.e. a Hub could contain a destination with 2-level approval and another with no approvals.

Alongside this, we have also introduced a new activity for on hold deliveries and resolved other issues behind the scenes.



5.9.1, 14th July 2018

In 5.9.1 we have worked to remove a number of bugs affecting the system. Including an intermittent issue with dragging and dropping files between folders, as well as the visibility of filenames of certain files in trash. Keep your eyes on this page for future updates as we continue to improve the Adstream Platform.



5.9, 14th July 2018

With the release of 5.9 we have resolved some issues and made some enhancements to the internal workings of the Adstream Platform, making it easier for our teams to support and improve the platform going forwards.

We have also introduced a new feature whereby you can now set a specific period of "Non-broadcastable" time after a file has been delivered. After this time, the file will be marked as non-broadcastable, which will be useful for times when information in the ad, such as pricing details, has become out of date.



5.8, 16th June 2018

In the latest release of the Adstream Platform, we have focused our efforts on improving your experience of the product. We have removed some bugs, such as an issue with the rendering of Japanese characters on a portion of the site. We are also introduce a few new features, such as the ability to pick a preferred language for your notifications.

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5.7.3, 30th May 2018

In this minor release we've focused our efforts on under-the-hood changes, looking particularly into improving our QA processes. Stay tuned for more major releases coming soon.



5.7.2, 9th May 2018

As we continue to develop the platform with the release of 5.7.2 we are bringing a number of enhancements and bug fixes to you. From updating the ability to drag and drop files between subfolders and adding the ability to upload file attachments via Sendplus in Projects, to fixing an issue with file sorting and squashing a bug regarding project images, this release continues the process of enhancement.



5.7.1, 19th April 2018

Alongside a number of backend updates and fixes, 5.7.1 also introduces some tweaks to the UI aimed at enhancing your experience and resolves an issue with the "sort by size" feature in certain pages. Remember, to stay up to date with all current releases, you can follow this article and you'll receive notifications when new releases come through.



5.7, 24th March 2018

With the release of 5.7 we have brought continued improvements and updates, including expanding platform-wide translations and introducing a couple of enhancements to the process of using approvals.

Firstly, it is now possible to change your platform Startup Page to be the Approvals page, which is ideal if you frequently find yourself navigating to your approvals when logging in. To change your startup page, navigate to your Settings by clicking on your username in the top right hand corner.


Then from here, in your profile settings, open the Startup Page dropdown menu at the bottom of the screen and choose Approvals from the list of options. If you don't see the option to do this, reach out to your BU admin for support.


Secondly, we have introduced a new tab to the Approvals page - My Pending. This new, default tab allows you to see all approvals currently pending your approval.



Broadcast Traffic Manager 11.12.1, 8th March 2018

With the release of this update (and the previous minor updates since 11.11) we continue to update and improve the Broadcast Traffic Manager, by bringing new features to the tool and ironing out some known issues.

Some notable improvements include:

  • Searching & filtering has been improved so you can now search for orders by date range, without the need to create a new tab, and furthermore you can now easily filter by destination in a Clock view tab.
  • The House Number column on the order details page now updates to accommodate longer house numbers.
  • Processing time for larger orders has been significantly improved.


11.12.1 BTM{nav}

5.6.6, 5th March 2018

In the latest release, we've focused on under-the-hood fixes to the platform. Why not subscribe to this article above and we'll keep you posted about all future releases.



5.6.5, 22nd February 2018

In 5.6.5 we have continued work to improve the user experience by resolving some known issues both on the front-end and behind the scenes. Some notable fixes include:

  • The functionality of the download button when viewing a file has been updated, so that it will download the version of the file currently being viewed, instead of the latest file version.
  • Special characters, such as é and ©, are now displayed correctly in BU branding.

Keep an eye out for future updates and stay up-to-date by clicking subscribe above.



5.6.4, 10th Feb 2018

5.6.4 continues the ongoing process of refining and improving your experience by fixing a number of minor bugs and introducing platform improvements. In this release we've added a new file symbol Annotations_comment.png so you can see when an approval comment has been added using the annotations{{Annotations}} tool, and we've also expanded file activity tracking, so you can now see when file approvals take place.



5.6.3, 31st Jan 2018

Our 4th update of 2018 brings two main improvements alongside the ongoing maintenance and enhancement of the platform under the hood. Firstly we've been working to improve the behaviour of projects, and specifically projects with complicated folder structures, to ensure they are as accessible and searchable as possible. Secondly, we've also made it possible to use Sendplus to upload attachments to assets in the Library.



5.6.2, 25th Jan 2018

5.6.2 continues our ongoing work to improve things behind the scenes. We've upgraded some technical services and solved a few issues to make sure your experience of using the platform continues to get better.



5.6.1, 22nd Jan 2018

In this minor release we've focused on improving the functionality and reliability of the platform by fixing a range of issues. Some highlights include the improvement of th performance of folders and sorting within Projects, solving an issue with email templates and improving the graphical performance of the annotations tool.



5.6, 6th Jan 2018

The release of 5.6 brings a number of fixes and improvements to the Adstream Platform. These include the increased speed when creating orders using Firefox, the expansion of the activities included in the activity stream and the improvement of the publishing feature in Projects.



Broadcast Traffic Manager 11.11, 6th Jan 2018

For the first update of 2018 we've focused on improving stability and removing some bugs. Notably, we've resolved some issues with the recently introduced new tab type - Group Clock.


11.11 BTM{nav}

5.5.33, 6th Dec 2017

This minor release focuses a number of fixes, but most notably we have applied a fix so that now the annotations feature works much more smoothly for HTML banner recordings.



Broadcast Traffic Manager 11.10, 30th Nov 2017

In the latest update to Broadcast Traffic Manager, we've been problem solving to improve the service through fixing some issues and introducing new features. For example, we've resolved an issue with file formats for cloned items and furthermore, we've updated our system so that the format of an order is now defined, first and foremost, by destination.


11.10 BTM{nav}

5.5.32 (Project Teams), 22nd Nov 2017

In this special release, we’ve been focusing on improving the performance of the Project Teams feature. We’ve been working hard to resolve a number of issues and introduce some improvements for this feature such as:

  • A brand new ability to search through a list of users in the Teams tab of a Project.
  • Project loading time has been drastically shortened, allowing you to get to your content quicker.
  • Both the process of creating a project template and using a template to create a project has been improved.


5.5.32 (Project Teams){nav}

5.5.32, 9th Nov 2017

This release contains a number of improvements and bug fixes across a range of issues, including improving the load time of the Project Overview and Files tabs and fixing the functionality of certain drop down menus.



5.5.31, 4th Nov 2017

As we continue to improve the Adstream experience behind the scenes with this update, we've also improved the process of copying a folder from one project to another, as now the list of available projects is much easier to navigate.



Broadcast Traffic Manager 11.9, 19th Oct 2017

In this release we've been working behind the scenes, squashing some bugs to improve performance, but we've also improved the search functionality in two ways:

  • Firstly, when you search for something in one tab, that search term will remain so you don't have to type it in again for each tab you'd like to search through.
  • Secondly, we have added some region-specific search options for a number of markets, such as Clave for Spain and Motivnummer for Germany.


11.9 BTM{nav}

5.5.30, 16th Oct 2017

We've been updating some back-end code in this release to improve some processes like copying folders between projects and using the AutoCode button.



Broadcast Traffic Manager 11.8, 26th Sep 2017

This release is all about one thing - a new way of viewing your incoming ads. We've now made it possible for superhub/hub users to create a new type of clock-level tab. In this new type of tab, if an ad has been sent to multiple destinations, at different times in different orders, you will see all of those destinations grouped together with the clock.

Furthermore, upon clicking on a clock, you will see all of the destinations that ad has ever been sent to, within your hub or superhub, and the current status of those orders.


11.8 BTM{nav}

5.5.29, 25th Sep 2017

In this update we've mostly been working behind the scenes to improve performance and remove some existing issues such as, now, if you add a user not already on the platform from the project teams tab this will create a guest user with the appropriate access granted for that project, so you don't have to worry about setting permissions.



Broadcast Traffic Manager 11.7, 6th Sep 2017

Version 11.7 of Broadcast Traffic Manager continues the ongoing work to enhance your experience of using the tool. Specifically, in this release we’ve added the ability to search using Exact Match mode, meaning your results will only contain the search query as typed in. Furthermore we’ve updated the process of creating tabs to pre-populate the market metadata schema field with your current market.


11.7 BTM{nav}

5.5.28, 31st Aug 2017

In this release we've continued to work hard under the hood to improve performance, fix various bugs and enhance existing features such as the screen recording feature of HTML5 banners, which now autoplays as soon as you start recording.



Broadcast Traffic Manager 11.6, 22nd Aug 2017

As always, we’ve been working to improve the experience of Broadcast Traffic Manager and, notably, in this update, we’ve improved how Pub IDs (Clock Numbers) are displayed both in the order item detail view and in the list view.


11.6 BTM{nav}

5.5.27, 21st August 2017

This release mostly focuses on ironing out some creases behind the scenes, however we have added a new functionality to the Framegrabber tool which now means you can download multiple selected frames in one go.



5.5.26, 5th August 2017

In this release we’ve been working hard to make lots of important improvements and bug fixes behind the scenes, including:

  • Column sorting now works consistently across all our supported browers
  • An issue where notifications for category updates weren’t being sent has now been fixed.
  • The sort order of users in the Admin section has been updated to alphabetically ascending.
  • Our annotations tool now loads correctly on both HTTPS and HTTP protocols.



Broadcast Traffic Manager 11.4, 19th Jul 2017

In this point release we’ve been making ongoing improvements, including the introduction of a recall period for broadcasters. When set up, this means Broadcast Traffic Manager users will not be able to recall orders outside this period.


11.4 BTM{nav}

Broadcast Traffic Manager 11.3, 11th Jul 2017

In version 11.3 of Broadcast Traffic Manager, amongst squashing some bugs, we’ve increased the number of localisations for which the CSV download in the order list view is available.


11.3 BTM{nav}

Broadcast Traffic Manager 11.2.1, 28th Jun 2017

We've been working hard to improve the broadcast traffic manager and fix some things that weren't quite working as they should. Alongside some bug fixes we've also made the following key improvements:

  • We’ve changed the Broadcast Traffic Manager so that it’s now possible to see any releases sends (order items), even if the whole clock is on hold.
  • We understand the importance of timeliness and reporting, so we’ve updated the Broadcast Traffic Manager interface so now both the Arrival and Delivery Date columns will show time stamps when available.
  • We’ve improved how additional service specification is displayed on the item detail page, order detail page and order list. Showing the exact name as within the dropdown when placing the order.
  • The clock number will now also show on the approval pop-up window, next to the destination.


11.2.1 BTM{nav}

5.5.25, 25th Jun 2017

  • We've now made finding your content even easier. Now when using global search you can select the option to match ALL the words in the search term. You can still search as before for any word by unchecking this option, and we'll remember what you last selected when you login next time. Along side this we've made numerous performance enhancements to make searching for your content even more accurate.


  • We've changed the behaviour of the edit all selected feature. Now when switching between common metadata and media specific metadata we Remember what you chose so that you only need to click save once.


  • Now, when all of the assets in an order are canceled, the order will move to the Completed Orders Cue just like you would expect.
  • We fixed an issue with Work Requests when trying to store system metadata.



5.5.25{nav} HTML5 Banner Recordings & Annotations, 16th Jun 2017

The sun was out so we pulled our guns out! HTML5 Banner Recordings & Annotations is a fantastic feature as part of a surprise update to welcome in the summer.  We've added the ability to take screen recordings of HTML5 banners and then annotate them. This means you can now include easily add HTML5 Banners to your approval process.  This powerful feature was due to be unleashed in our next release at the end of the month but we popped it in early cause that's how we roll.

You can check out this feature here{{Annotating HTML5 Banners}} for a video tutorial and a lovely little article.{nav}

11.2 Broadcast Traffic Manager, 18th May 2017

  • Improved the layout of metadata in the Asset view
  • Can now see the clock number on an approval pop up window
  • We now also state the time next to delivery and arrival dates
  • You can now see sends that have been released even if the whole clock has been held

11.2 BTM{nav}

5.5.24, 13th May 2017

With the latest release of the Adstream Platform we've been working hard to improve your experience of using the Adstream Platform with various bug fixes and improvements. Continue reading to find out about some of the most notable.

Adstream Platform


5.5.24, 13th May 2017{nav}{{5.5.24}}

5.5.23, 5th Apr 2017

With the latest release of the Adstream Platform we've been working hard to improve your experience of using the platform with various bug fixes and improvements. Continue reading to find out about some of the most notable.

  • Now, as a Broadcast Traffic Hub user, you can filter all visible tabs in the interface by destination. You will be able to filter your view, on the fly, to only see orders for specific destinations across Hubs or Super Hubs. No matter which tab you're currently viewing you can now choose which channels/destinations appear in that view.


  • As a Broadcast Traffic user, you are now able to select multiple clocks/destinations in the list view of Broadcast Traffic Manager and perform actions to them all at once. This mean that instead of opening each clock individually, you'll be able to batch approve or reject orders.



5.5.22, 11th Feb 2017

We’ve been working hard behind the scenes to improve your experience of using the platform with various bug fixes and improvements.

The most notable of these fixes include:

  • Now Project owners and users who have the master download permission are allowed to download folders via SendPlus. All folders and subfolders will only contain the master file in its latest version with its original name.
  • In the Delivery module, when selecting a QC'd asset where the field Subtitles required already been filled with Yes, the field will then auto-populate with Already Supplied and is non-editable.
  • In the Delivery module, the order of market names will now display in alphabetical order, while taking into account any translation into different languages.
  • The approvals tab is now available in all supported languages.
  • The manage permission pop-up window within the Projects window will now open in Internet Explorer.
  • In the Delivery module, when placing orders from the additional services section, the Proceed button only becomes available if one of the following was selected: Destination or QC & Ingest Only
  • Translation for Japanese locale is now available.

{{embedded-article-115000717906:}} Patch, 14th Jan 2017

We’ve been working hard behind the scenes to improve your experience of using the platform with various bug fixes and improvements.

The most notable of these fixes include:

  • Users who are not registered with Adstream and receive a link to view a file, can now register for a guest account
  • Download activity is now recorded for all download types including Sendplus and Proxies
  • Resolved an issue where Frame Grabber would not capture frames in some instances
  • Fixed an issue preventing draft orders from being transferred to another user
  • Entering time and date information when choosing to publish a project later, now works as expected
  • Fixed an issue where some users were not able to see the “Uploaded By” column when enabled in View settings
  • Users now receive a notification when an order has been transferred to them



Broadcast Traffic Manager

New Notification Settings

We’ve added two new notification settings in Broadcast Traffic Manager. When logged into Broadcast Traffic Manager you can access them by following these steps:

  1. Click on your user name in the top right hand corner and choose Settings from the menu.
  2. On the left hand side click Notification Setting.
  3. You’ll see a list of notifications with dropdowns by them: Once a day / Immediately / Off
  4. Once a day is not available for all notification types but where it is these notifications will get sent together as a daily digest.
  5. New You can now choose to be notified immediately of a house number being assigned or updated.
  6. New Using Comment Submitted you can now choose to be notified when a comment is made on an asset.

To see more about Notification Settings Click here{{Notification Settings}}.

House Number Suffix

To add a house number to an asset:

  1. Click on the plus icon to expand the Order view revealing a list of the individual assets on the order.
  2. Enter a House number into the field and click Save.
  3. New You can now see the house number suffix to the right of the House Number.

N.B You can submit a request to our support team to set up a suffix for your Broadcaster account. This suffix will then automatically get added to any house numbers that are created.


Since our last release 5.5.20 we’ve been working hard behind the scenes to improve your experience of using the platform with various bug fixes and improvements. The most notable of these include:

  • Improving the way that delivery times are reported when working across multiple timezones. We now show the time zone along with the time the order was submitted in the Order summary page.
  • Fixing the logic for tabs in Broadcast Traffic Manager ensuring that broadcasters that are part of a hub can only see their own orders and not the orders of other broadcasters in the Hub.
  • Improving the focus on Tabs in Broadcast Traffic Manager, so now when you create or edit a new tab you’ll be taken straight to it and if you delete a tab you’ll be taken to the default.

Sendplus update

Various bugs have been fixed in the most recent update of Sendplus, including:

  • The field "Time Left" no longer shows "pending" after a file is successfully uploaded to the library.
  • Some users were experiencing problems with crashing when pausing an upload.
  • After resuming a transfer users were not receiving the "upload complete" status.
  • When an empty folder was sent to projects the folder was not being created.
  • Wrong file size was shown while transferring.
  • When uploading multiple files and folders, incorrect completion times were being reported.



  • You can now confirm your order when you see the credit limit exceeded warning on the summary page. This means that the order will be in our system, simply submit a request to support to resolve the issue.
  • When a file is uploaded to a project it will now have the custom transcodes of the BU it has been uploaded to.
  • You can now download assets from presentations using any custom proxies available to you



Adstream Platform

  • Email Notification URL - When email notifications are sent by the Adstream Platform the notification will take on the branding of the recipient’s Platform not the senders.
  • Several bug fixes.



Several bug fixes.


Several bug fixes


Adstream Platform

  • New feature Sharing Permissions for Project Roles - User with sharing permissions enabled, can now be limited in their ability to assign to all available project roles, when sharing folders with other team members or users. Learn more{{Project Folders}}
  • Users are now able to play videos on the Platform, using Edge Browser


Adstream Platform

  • Ability to preview HTML5 banners
  • New Improvement making it possible to preview QC’d assets in multiple languages, from within the Platform and without downloading the master
  • Projects owners can now set the project publishing date upfront and will receive an email notification 24 hours prior to the actual publishing date



Several bug fixes


Adstream Platform

  • Ability to display a thumbnail on zipped master file that has been ingested
  • Fix to Manage Permissions

Traffic Manager

  • Ability to complete manual (offline) destinations

Adstream Permissions and Roles

  • Global Role - Agency User has had the following permissions removed:

    • attached_file.create
    • comment.create
    • element.share
    • element.public_share.create
    • element.public_share.write
    • Folder.share
  • ​The addition of the 4 new permissions, element.move and element. copy for files and folder.move and folder.copy for folders. Note: Global Roles have been checked and to ensure permissions are present.



Adstream Delivery

  • As part of the 5.5.12 release the Adstream Platform (A5) along with the GDN (Global Delivery Network) will be the true delivery mechanism. It will be the “owner” of the deliveries for Adstream, with the key points:
    • Delivery of all QC’d materials to Adstream Broadcasters via GDN will be triggered by A5 and not by A4 as it is today
    • Ingest operators will work with the same Ingest app as they do today. Ingest will be migrated separately later
    • Some minor changes being made to some specific Broadcast Workflows (ZeeTV, Pulsa, RMG) to work with A5
    • Updates to the Comcast Workflow with XMG communication to be from A5 instead of A4
    • A new admin interface in GDN for support operations to manage and monitor deliveries
    • Broadcast Traffic operational work continues to be run primarily through Adcentral and updates on deliveries from A5 will be visible as they were from A4

Adstream Platform

  • A warning message will appear on the Uploader to inform users of the limits for file upload 1GB as a maximum). If the files exceed the limit it is recommended to use the Send+ tool.
  • Previously if metadata field was deleted through Admin interface because it is no longer relevant, if a user tried to edit an asset/file which had a value for that field, it would not have been possible to edit the asset. Now this validation has been removed and previously existing assets can be edited and the now deleted field will remain for older assets/files.

TV Delivery

  • First Air Date is no longer a mandatory field for Australian Business Units. So the users can place orders without completing this field
  • Fix for issue where the options to see the columns within Delivery view. The user can now select the columns to display the required and relevant information

Radio Delivery

  • The exciting new delivery option of Radio for the Adstream Platform will be available to those who have the permissions as part of their role and will include the following:
    • Create a Radio order with a New Master
    • Select the required and relevant market
    • Add Rotation Instructions at the Order Level
    • Copy Order Item/Commercial and edit where required
    • Add Paperwork at the Order Item (Media/Commercial) Level
    • Add Information (relevant metadata)
    • Add Destinations, including filtering and bookmarking options

Traffic & Broadcaster Manager

  • When creating a tab – the conditions are now in easy to read format
  • Fix for the issue when selecting Order Edit from Order Item Level – the option will now redirect the user to A5 Order page.


  • Added Search highlighting for Clock and Advertiser so you can quickly see where your search term appears in the results.
  • Added integration with social media manager Manalto
  • Improved delivery notifications for the Nordics Market
  • Fixed an issue with retrieving from Library with Hidden metadata.
  • Improvements to Broadcast Manager UI:
    • Service Level is now colour coded: Red Hot - Red, Express - Orange, Standard - Blue, Overnight and Ingest Only - Black
    • Delivery Status now displayed before Broadcaster Status
    • Delivery and Broadcast Status are available on the Order Item View


  • Added the ability to search by Advertiser, Clock Number or Title.

  • Order Summary is now available for Additional Services Only orders
  • Add Originator to the list of fields in Tile view.


  • Issue with download of project and folders in structure format
  • Permissions on download on share of files and assets
  • Issues with metadata selected not being displayed correctly on Presentation Grid Layout
  • Autoplay of shared presentations now works as expected
  • Issue with a User with Public share option in presentations
  • Added warning message when a user attempts to upload an attachment over 19MB

“The file being uploaded is over 19MB, please use another option”

  • For Australian Additional Services will be billed as domestic
  • For the auto hide on watermarking for Spain 

    Broadcast Manager

  • Added a cancel button when editing a house number.
  • Improvements to the workflow in MENA markets.


Adstream Platform

  • You now have the option to "Hide" metadata fields in drop down/catalogue. The “Hidden” metadata will no longer be an option to select but is retained by assets which already use that field.




  • Error message now shows when an asset for delivery is selected with with contradicting metadata to the Delivery Access Rules
  • When you select the 'copy current' option and tick 'auto' to generate a new clock, the last 2 clocks will no longer become duplicated
  • You're now able to see orders that were linked to a share to a collection or group of assets

Broadcast Manager

  • For Non Approval Broadcast Destinations the status will now be displayed as Delivered rather than File Supplied

  • A new Play button for the video preview along with the option to download a proxy direct from the asset view


  • The Delivery Status is aligned to Broadcast Status for Non Approval Destinations


  • Introduced a new font that is more legible.
  • If you have Delivery Access Rules set up you will now see an error message when trying to add assets from Library with contradicting metadata to those rules.

    • New Delivery Notifications:

5.5.22{nav}{{5.5.22}} Patch, 14th Jan 2017{nav}{{ Patch}}















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