Working with versions

Versions are a great way of keeping track of updates and changes to your files and, when combined with annotations, allow you to view side by side comparisons of different versions of a file.

Creating new versions

When in the Projects module:

  1. Navigate to the file you want to update.
  2. Click Upload New Version on the right above the file preview.
  3. This will open a new window onto which you can drag and drop the required files. You can also use your computer’s file picker to select the file you need by clicking Add Files.
  4. Click Start Upload.

Viewing Versions

When a file has multiple versions associated with it then the version you are currently viewing will show in place of the Upload New Version button e.g Version 4. By clicking here you will see a drop down menu which allows you to switch between all current versions and also upload a new version using the Upload New button.

Another way of viewing the available version is through the Version History tab below the file preview in the centre of the page. Here you can see a timeline of all the versions with a small preview and some key information of each, making it easier to pick your desired version which you can do by clicking the circular V# button to the left of the version's preview.

In order to retain as much transparency as possible when using versions you will notice that there is not an option to delete an individual version. However you can delete the entire file if you want to remove the data completely.

Click here{{Annotations}} to find out more about comparing versions using the annotations tool

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