Sharing Files

Sharing files in Projects can be done in two distinct ways:

1. From a multi-file view, such as within a folder, select the file and click the Share file(s) button;


2. From the single-file view, click the Share file button above the image preview.


In both situations a sharing window will appear with four distinct tabs: Share, Secure Shares, Public share, and Public Link Access.




Secure sharing allows you complete control over what happens with your files. It is secure because the receiver of the file, upon receiving the link, will be required to set up a free Adstream account meaning you are able to control and track the usage of the file. To share a file:

  • Enter the name or email address of the people you want to share the file with.
  • Set the expiry date of their access.
  • Add any messages to provide context.
  • Set the download options for the file.


Secure Shares

Secure Sharing{nav}

  • View and revoke any access for existing shares.


Public Share

Public Share{nav}

If the file you want to share doesn't need to be secure, you can share the asset with a public link. This makes it easier for the recipients to access the file as they don't need an Adstream account. To share a file publicly:

  • Activate a public link by using the switch labeled Inactive/Active
  • Set the expiration date for access to the link
  • Enter the name or email address anyone you would like to immediately send the link to
  • Add any accompanying message
  • Set the download options for the file


To see who you’ve sent the public link to click Public Link Access.

To stop sharing this link go back to the Public Share page and click Deactivate by the URL.

While this article shows you how to share files in the Projects module. You can use the same process to share assets in the Library module.

Multi-File Sharing

Multi-File Sharing{nav}

When sharing multiple files at once, enter the usernames/email addresses of the recipients, set an expiration date, add any accompanying message and set the download options for the assets.


The recipients will then receive an email with a link to view all the assets on one page.



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