Enabling Logging for Sendplus (Mac)

Since logging is not switched on by default, here is the procedure for collecting Sendplus logs for Mac users:

  • Open the Sendplus preferences pane by clicking the cog icon in the bottom left hand corner.
  • On the keyboard use the keyboard shortcut cmd(command)-1 to open a hidden panel called Logging Control

  • Select the Enable Logging checkbox.

From now on testing should occur and if you'd like to access the logs, press the Reveal logs location where the latest log will be called Sendplus.log

When logging stops (when 'enabled' logging checkbox is unselected, or user logs-out/exits Sendplus), the current log gets date-stamped. The next time logging starts, a new senplus.log is created.

The Sendplus logs are kept in the below location on a Mac: 

Users> Username> Library> Application Support> Sendplus> logs

In addition to the Sendplus log file we would also require your Sendplus history log file which is attainable in a similar location: 

Users> Username> Library> Application Support> Sendplus> history> your.username@yourdomain> transfers

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