Usage Rights Tab



The Adstream Platform allows you to add a number of different usage rights and recieve notification of when they expire. You can add and view detailed information about your talent and your licensing of music.

Working with Usage Rights

When you have an asset open simply click the Usage Rights Tab just below the Asset Preview window. Here you can see all the existing rights on that asset along with the start and expiry date of that right. To add another usage right select the Usage Type using the drop-down menu and then click the + button. You’ll then see the options for adding information about that usage right. You can add multiple usage rights by clicking the + in the bottom left corner of the Edit Usage Rights window. You can use the checkboxes at the bottom of each right to choose if and when you and/or your team get notified. When you’ve finished adding the information you need click Save.

To alter anything with a usage right click the  edit icon. You can now change the Usage right as required to remove a usage right click the . When finished click Save.

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    Martin Birmingham

    It would be great to know more detail around the restrictions with usage rights. E.g. when rights are expired, who can/can't download the master? Can it be used for delivery? Who can/can't change the the usage rights before and after they have expired.