Recent Updates, 24th June 2019


With this patch we have worked to fix a number of known issues in the front end of the platform as well as some functionality issues in the Library.


The most pertinent of these include fixing Frame Grabber in Safari and ensuring metadata is correctly shown in all asset tiles.


Stay tuned for further releases in the coming weeks and months.{nav}



5.13.4, 11th June 2019


With this latest release, we have introduced optimised storage of any assets uploaded to the platform over a year ago.


The only change to functionality for these assets is the process of downloading master files, attachments, versions of project files or custom encodes. When attempting to download an archived file (or a group of files where some are archived), you will now be prompted to wait 5 minutes whilst the file is retrieved, after which you can retry the download and access it as usual.


The archiving process begins on June 25th, 2019 and is not an immediate process.





5.13.3, 4th June 2019


With 5.13.3 we've brought an update to frame grabber allowing you to delete any duplicate frames with one click.


We’ve also introduced the ability to send ads to ONE Delivery straight from Library or Projects, whilst removing some known bugs with certain features improving reliability and functionality.





5.13.2, 29th May 2019


5.13.2 brings with it improvements in the speed of creating projects from templates, a resolution for an issue with usage rights dates and a number of back-end technical updates.


Stay tuned for more improvements with future releases.





5.13.1, 22nd May 2019


This release includes :-


  • Some bug fixes in Frame grabber - create a custom story to ensure that frames requested for the master-still is same as the proxy-stills in the library and projects,
  • Some minor bug fixes in Library
  • Small enhancements in the order confirmation email to include agency country





5.13, 18th May 2019


This release includes a few minor improvements and bug fixes for the platform :-


  • Addition of new radio module and CM Online into the platform.
  • Updated usage rights in assets get correctly reflected in presentations.
  • Introduction of anti-virus checks on file uploads.
  • Performance improvement while adding users to BUs.





5.12.6, 14th May 2019


5.12.6 includes the rewrite of back end services for Approvals, Annotations and Frame grabber functionality in the A5 platform that use the  ".Net" core libraries. This is to address some technical problems in these areas.


There are no functional changes as part of this release.





5.12.5, 9th May 2019


5.12.5 brings with it some minor improvements and bug fixes. Notably, we have implemented some updated UI translations, ensured the functionality of dd/mm/yyyy date formats for Library filtering and fixed an issue with long comments in the Annotation tool.


Stay tuned for future updates.








5.12.3, 24th April 2019


With 5.12.3 we have been working to upgrade the Framegrabber tool which appears in both the Library and Projects module.


In the Projects module, you can now create master versions of captured frames.



By navigating to the Frames tab when viewing an individual file, you'll see the new Create Master button. This button allows you to convert previously captured frames (of proxy quality) into Master quality versions.


Click here{{Using Frame Grabber in Projects}} to learn more about using Frame Grabber in Projects.


You can also create master versions of captured frames, in the Library module. Furthermore, you can also now create custom storyboards here.



From the Frames tab on an individual asset, you can generate a story and choose the number of frames to be captured. A storyboard will then be automatically generated from either Proxy or Master frames, where the frames are equally spaced apart throughout the video file.


Click here{{Using Frame Grabber in Library}} to learn more about using Frame Grabber in Library.







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