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5.10.1, 16th October 2018

With the release of this patch we have mainly focused on removing some existing interface issues whilst also updating and improving some back end processes to improve performance of certain key tasks.

Stay tuned for further updates in the coming weeks and months.


5.10.1{nav}, 6th October 2018

This latest release brings an all new Library to the Adstream Platform. The Library's UI has been redesigned with a new look and feel giving you a cleaner and more focused experience. To learn more about what's new, sign in the Help Centre and check out our articles here{/s}.


Broadcast Traffic Manager 11.14.1, 6th October 2018

Broadcast Traffic Manager continues to be improved through new features and fixing existing bugs and issues.

Four of the most notable improvements over the last few months are:

1. Archiving Clocks
BTM users are now able to archive unused deliveries. Alongside this, users can now create tabs which will only show archived clocks and there is a new column when viewing orders in list view, indicated whether the clock is archived or not.

2. Downloading Masters
BTM users can now download master TVCs of orders they receive right in the Broadcast Traffic  platform. This feature must be enabled by Adstream admins.

3. Destination Filtering
It is now possible to filter by destination in Order Item (Clock) tabs. This means, that when expanding the row of a clock in one of these tabs, you will only see the destinations you have selected in the filter.

4. New Platform Field 
We have introduced a new field on the send level of an order to distinguish between Broadcast and Digital Platforms.

11.14.1 BTM{nav}

5.10, 15th September 2018

For this latest release, we have introduced the ability for Broadcaster Hubs and SuperHubs to contain destinations with varying approval levels, i.e. a Hub could contain a destination with 2-level approval and another with no approvals.

Alongside this, we have also introduced a new activity for on hold deliveries and resolved other issues behind the scenes.



5.9.1, 14th July 2018

In 5.9.1 we have worked to remove a number of bugs affecting the system. Including an intermittent issue with dragging and dropping files between folders, as well as the visibility of filenames of certain files in trash. Keep your eyes on this page for future updates as we continue to improve the Adstream Platform.



5.9, 14th July 2018

With the release of 5.9 we have resolved some issues and made some enhancements to the internal workings of the Adstream Platform, making it easier for our teams to support and improve the platform going forwards.

We have also introduced a new feature whereby you can now set a specific period of "Non-broadcastable" time after a file has been delivered. After this time, the file will be marked as non-broadcastable, which will be useful for times when information in the ad, such as pricing details, has become out of date.



5.8, 16th June 2018

In the latest release of the Adstream Platform, we have focused our efforts on improving your experience of the product. We have removed some bugs, such as an issue with the rendering of Japanese characters on a portion of the site. We are also introduce a few new features, such as the ability to pick a preferred language for your notifications.

Keep an eye out for future updates and stay up-to-date by clicking subscribe above.



5.7.3, 30th May 2018

In this minor release we've focused our efforts on under-the-hood changes, looking particularly into improving our QA processes. Stay tuned for more major releases coming soon. 



5.7.2, 9th May 2018

As we continue to develop the platform with the release of 5.7.2 we are bringing a number of enhancements and bug fixes to you. From updating the ability to drag and drop files between subfolders and adding the ability to upload file attachments via Sendplus in Projects, to fixing an issue with file sorting and squashing a bug regarding project images, this release continues the process of enhancement.



5.7.1, 19th April 2018

Alongside a number of backend updates and fixes, 5.7.1 also introduces some tweaks to the UI aimed at enhancing your experience and resolves an issue with the "sort by size" feature in certain pages. Remember, to stay up to date with all current releases, you can follow this article and you'll receive notifications when new releases come through.



5.7, 24th March 2018

With the release of 5.7 we have brought continued improvements and updates, including expanding platform-wide translations and introducing a couple of enhancements to the process of using approvals.

Firstly, it is now possible to change your platform Startup Page to be the Approvals page, which is ideal if you frequently find yourself navigating to your approvals when logging in. To change your startup page, navigate to your Settings by clicking on your username in the top right hand corner.


Then from here, in your profile settings, open the Startup Page dropdown menu at the bottom of the screen and choose Approvals from the list of options. If you don't see the option to do this, reach out to your BU admin for support.


Secondly, we have introduced a new tab to the Approvals page - My Pending. This new, default tab allows you to see all approvals currently pending your approval.



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    Nattalie Hartwig

    Hi, I'd love to learn more about the New Notification Settings, however the link for further reading is missing?

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    Andrew Mees

    Hi Nattalie,
    Thank you for pointing this out. I've fixed this now and the link works as expected.

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    Andrew Mees

    Hello Everyone, 5.5.24 notes are here.

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    Andrew Mees

    Hello Broadcasters!
    I've added the Release notes for Broadcast Traffic Manager version 11.2. It's added under the Platform 5.5.24 release notes until I have a think about a better way to display them.

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    Andrew Mees

    Hello All, added a cool new feature that lets you screen record HTML5 banners and make annotations on the recording. This will greatly benefit the digital approval workflow!  Check it out here.

    Edited by Andrew Mees
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    Andrew Mees

    Hello Everyone,
    We've added the 5.5.25 release notes. Check out the extra powerful changes we've made to the search function. I love a good search!

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    Alex Boyd

    Hi all,

    Notes for 5.5.26 release are here