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5.11.5, 12th March 2019

In 5.11.5 we have continued to resolve some behind-the-scenes issues affecting our back-end systems, to improve the efficiency and reliabilty of the platform.



5.11.4, 5th March 2019

With the first release of March 2019, we've focused on resolving some known issues that have cropped up. These included a problem certain users were experiencing when refreshing their passwords and a fix we've applied to the new session timeout feature, reducing the timeout time from 60 to 30 minutes.

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5.11.3, 26th February 2019

With 5.11.3 we have expanded the choices available for your startup page to include our latest products, we have solved an issue with daily digests and continued our work behind the scenes to improve your experience of using our platform.



5.11.2, 20th February 2019

5.11.2 continues the iterative release process to bring you a greater user experience of the platform as we remove bugs and update features. This week we have introduced activity records for Sendplus downloads and improved the global search functionality when viewing all asset results.

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5.11.1, 12th February 2019

With this latest release, we have resolved a number of issues to improve the reliability of the platform as well as updating and improving some existing features:

  • We have updated the way you filter activity feeds, so now only relevant options are shown in the drop-down for activity types. For example, file activities are no longer show in the drop-down menu for the project overview activity feed.
  • We have updated an error message to be more specific and informative, when creating a new project with a non-unique name.

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5.11, 2nd February 2019

5.11 brings with it some key platform improvements, including faster loading time when sharing a folder and a clearer way of recording activities. Furthermore we have resolved certain issues, such as an issue with editing metadata values of assets from multiple Business Units.



5.10.6, 22nd January 2019

In this point release, we have fixed an issue with ordering when uploading destinations via a CSV file alongside some UI updates and some under-the-hood improvements.

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