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5.6.4, 10th Feb 2018

5.6.4 continues the ongoing process of refining and improving your experience by fixing a number of minor bugs and introducing platform improvements. In this release we've added a new file symbol Annotations_comment.png so you can see when an approval comment has been added using the annotations{{Annotations}} tool, and we've also expanded file activity tracking, so you can now see when file approvals take place.



5.6.3, 31st Jan 2018

Our 4th update of 2018 brings two main improvements alongside the ongoing maintenance and enhancement of the platform under the hood. Firstly we've been working to improve the behaviour of projects, and specifically projects with complicated folder structures, to ensure they are as accessible and searchable as possible. Secondly, we've also made it possible to use Sendplus to upload attachments to assets in the Library.



5.6.2, 25th Jan 2018

5.6.2 continues our ongoing work to improve things behind the scenes. We've upgraded some technical services and solved a few issues to make sure your experience of using the platform continues to get better.



5.6.1, 22nd Jan 2018

In this minor release we've focused on improving the functionality and reliability of the platform by fixing a range of issues. Some highlights include the improvement of th performance of folders and sorting within Projects, solving an issue with email templates and improving the graphical performance of the annotations tool.



5.6, 6th Jan 2018

The release of 5.6 brings a number of fixes and improvements to the Adstream Platform. These include the increased speed when creating orders using Firefox, the expansion of the activities included in the activity stream and the improvement of the publishing feature in Projects.



Broadcast Traffic Manager 11.11, 6th Jan 2018

For the first update of 2018 we've focused on improving stability and removing some bugs. Notably, we've resolved some issues with the recently introduced new tab type - Group Clock.


11.11 BTM{nav}

5.5.33, 6th Dec 2017

This minor release focuses a number of fixes, but most notably we have applied a fix so that now the annotations feature works much more smoothly for HTML banner recordings.



Broadcast Traffic Manager 11.10, 30th Nov 2017

In the latest update to Broadcast Traffic Manager, we've been problem solving to improve the service through fixing some issues and introducing new features. For example, we've resolved an issue with file formats for cloned items and furthermore, we've updated our system so that the format of an order is now defined, first and foremost, by destination.


11.10 BTM{nav}

5.5.32 (Project Teams), 22nd Nov 2017

In this special release, we’ve been focusing on improving the performance of the Project Teams feature. We’ve been working hard to resolve a number of issues and introduce some improvements for this feature such as:

  • A brand new ability to search through a list of users in the Teams tab of a Project.
  • Project loading time has been drastically shortened, allowing you to get to your content quicker.
  • Both the process of creating a project template and using a template to create a project has been improved.


5.5.32 (Project Teams){nav}

5.5.32, 9th Nov 2017

This release contains a number of improvements and bug fixes across a range of issues, including improving the load time of the Project Overview and Files tabs and fixing the functionality of certain drop down menus.



5.5.31, 4th Nov 2017

As we continue to improve the Adstream experience behind the scenes with this update, we've also improved the process of copying a folder from one project to another, as now the list of available projects is much easier to navigate.



Broadcast Traffic Manager 11.9, 19th Oct 2017

In this release we've been working behind the scenes, squashing some bugs to improve performance, but we've also improved the search functionality in two ways:

  • Firstly, when you search for something in one tab, that search term will remain so you don't have to type it in again for each tab you'd like to search through.
  • Secondly, we have added some region-specific search options for a number of markets, such as Clave for Spain and Motivnummer for Germany.


11.9 BTM{nav}

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    Nattalie Hartwig

    Hi, I'd love to learn more about the New Notification Settings, however the link for further reading is missing?

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    Andrew Mees

    Hi Nattalie,
    Thank you for pointing this out. I've fixed this now and the link works as expected.

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    Andrew Mees

    Hello Everyone, 5.5.24 notes are here.

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    Andrew Mees

    Hello Broadcasters!
    I've added the Release notes for Broadcast Traffic Manager version 11.2. It's added under the Platform 5.5.24 release notes until I have a think about a better way to display them.

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    Andrew Mees

    Hello All, added a cool new feature that lets you screen record HTML5 banners and make annotations on the recording. This will greatly benefit the digital approval workflow!  Check it out here.

    Edited by Andrew Mees
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    Andrew Mees

    Hello Everyone,
    We've added the 5.5.25 release notes. Check out the extra powerful changes we've made to the search function. I love a good search!

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    Alex Boyd

    Hi all,

    Notes for 5.5.26 release are here