Library and Projects Release Notes



The Projects module is where working files are kept, within the separate projects that they are needed for, these can be shared with your work group so that you can collaborate on them. From within a project you can save all the versions you have of a file submit new versions for approval, annotate photos and videos for clear feedback and also store supporting documentation such as scripts and other planning documents. When the files have had final stage approval, you can send them to the Library Module for easy retrieval later.

The Library

The Library module is where completed assets are kept. Your assets can be organised into collections so that it is easy to find them again. From the Library it is easy to send an asset for delivery. You can share assets with people internally or outside your organisation, either as individual files or as a completely branded professional looking presentation.

Library & Projects Release Notes


5.16.12 15th September 2020

This release includes Core performance improvements in batch processing the event of removing user from its secondary agency and Critical bug fixes to A5 platform

Technical/full release information can be found here: release notes

• Banner Ads in Live Preview are playing correctly for Beam Customer friendly release notes can be found on the help centre: Customer Release Notes This link is accessible to customers, so please feel free to share with your clients.



5.16.11 2nd September 2020

This update is for the techies, Elastic Search backend improvements to A5 Platform.

Technical/full release information can be found here: release notes



5.16.10 1st September 2020

This update is for the techies, tech stack updates to keep us in tip-top form. Node.js (Java Script engine) version upgrade.

Technical/full release information can be found here: release notes



5.16.8 12th August 2020

Enhancements in library collection sharing to restrict recipient to edit shared collection with asset.share permission, Display navbar on shared file details page and Bugfixes.

Technical/full release information can be found here: release notes


  • For BUs having share collection feature enabled, it is now possible for users to share collection to the recipients but not edit asset filters with asset.share permission
  • User should able to see navigation bar on a shared file details page
  • Improvements in monitoring Mail Service and Core logs
  • Semi-critical bug fixes



5.16.7 4th August 2020

Very pleased to announce the integration of Adsend into the Platform. Continual performance improvements in Library Search. New core API to remove user(s) from secondary BUs.


  • Adsend integration in Platform allowing the users to access their Adsend app directly from the Nav bar
  • Performance improvements to load dictionary values in Library filters
  • Estimated results for metadata fields appear in filters dropdown for 'Favourite filters'
  • Valid error message is displayed when users without user.invite.permission tries to share the collectionwith new users
  • Projects: When a user access is disabled a popup message will appear informing that a background job will remove user from all areas in the project module.
  • Semi-critical bug fixes



5.16.6 21st July 2020

The releases of 5.16.6 includes Core performance enhancements for Library for viewing 1000 assets in one page together with some minor bug fixes.


  • Improvements in Library assets view where users can choose up to 1000 assets per page.
  • Users will be able to view 1000 assets at a time but restricted to perform bulk actions to only100 assets at once within Library.
  • Users will receive an email notification when bulk updates of metadata and usage rights on assets is completed
  • New pop-up dialogue for bulk update of asset metadata activities and bulk update to usage rights.
  • New Project UI refinements.



5.16.5 15th July 2020

The releases of 5.16.5 includes Core performance improvements in Library and other radical bugfixes.


  • Performance improvements in loading thumbnail images in assets grid view and list view
  • Users will now be able to successfully create groups and add users in Address Book and they are properly displayed. Wahoo!
  • Metadata UI fix in Asset Type (Customer specific fix, you know who you are)
  • Any changes to Notifications settings are saved successfully (customer specific bug fix)
  • Project UI Bug fixes

And some other minor bugs


5.16.4 13th July 2020

The releases of 5.16.4 brings with it some bug fixes for low impact improvements to continue to enhance reliability of the platform and your experience of using it


  • "Open all in Projects" from Global Search does not allow for filtering
  • Email based search for platform users. Unable to search users with email containing hyphen
  • Introduction of a confirmation pop-up for moving project folder
  • Introduction of a confirmation pop-up for global notification updation
  • Default "Include Files" check box to on when creating a new project/work request
  • Success email is been generated when self revoke is triggered
  • When users create a Project or a Work Request from a Template it includes Files checkbox to be defaulted to TRUE, therefore checked with a tick.
  • Ability under admin to add values to "Production Status" / "Delivery Method" fields

And some other minor bugs

5.16.4{nav} 25th June 2020

The release of covers;

An improved Platform navigation design & Platform Bug fixes


We have made a wholesale change to the way you navigate across the platform, this common navigation experience creates an uncluttered, light weight and consistent way for users to move seamlessly across the Platform.

We have focused on telling the Platform story and how our core modules interact with each other. By offering a standardised design across all our modules including Dashboard, Projects, Library and Delivery allows users to clearly understand how our applications work together.

See Latest Features by Product for more information.


5.16.2, 23rd June 2020

The release of 5.16.2 covers

Library Collection sharing updates include

  • Users are now be able to assign Library roles to any recipient of a shared collection from roles stored in the their primary BU’s.
  • Users can only assign a Library role that is equal to or less than their own access on the collection and assets curated within the collection.
  • Library roles can be assigned to individual users or user groups called Library Teams
  • Collection creators and recipients can share collections with users within the BU and have ability to  invite new users, as guests, to their BU so that they can access the shared collection of assets.
  • The recipient of a shared collection can modify any of the recipients, their roles and they are able to also revoke other recipients from the shared collection. This is dependent on the permissions stored in their Library/Business unit roles.

See the related articles to find out more

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5.16.1, 16th June 2020

The release of 5.16.1 covers
  • Synchronous messaging process has been implemented to alert users for publishing and unpublishing activities in Projects.
  • Repeat Dates field from print schema present in the metadata section is now showing under Ad destination in Library.
  • Users will be able to amend Clock Number field for ingested assets when edited from bulk in Library.
  • Duration timecode based on frame count in file specifications are correctly displayed in Streamlined Library.
  • Pdf preview is now available for pdf assets on the asset preview page in Edge browser., 18th June 2020

This point release covers bugfixes and updates to our email and notifications  services


5.16, 30th May 2020

The release of 5.16 brings a great new feature, introducing  Sharing of Library Collections.  This new feature will enable users to create, permission & share collections just like a project folder.


  • Sharing a collection with existing/new users or teams.
  • Ability to manage recipients including Users and Library teams
  • Access control management of each recipient
  • Share collections which include thousands of assets.

See the related articles to find out more

Creating and Editing Collections

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5.15.29, 21st May 2020

The releases of 5.15.29 brings with it some bug fixes for low impact improvements to continue to enhance reliability of the platform and your experience of using it.


5.15.28, 16th May 2020

The releases of 5.15.28 brings with it some bug fixes for low impact improvements to continue to enhance reliability of the platform and your experience of using it.


5.15.27, 12th May 2020

As we continue to move toward our next major release, we are focusing on fixing a few known-minor issues certain user are experiencing. We have resolved some issues with downloading files and the filenames not rendering correctly. We have also resolved a frame anomaly when using multiple videos into a Presentations.

Stay tuned for future releases.


5.15.26, 5th May 2020

5.15.26 is a minor release for us as we focused on increasing reliability in the back-end and ironing out a number of small issues our users were facing.


5.15.25, 28th April 2020

With the release of 5.15.25 we have continued our work to improve platform efficiency and reliability by removing a number of known bugs, while also updating some functionality. Two notable updates of this release are:

  • When downloading a single file/asset from the platform, it will not appear in a .zip package.
  • When downloading the master version of file/asset it will no longer have the _master suffix applied.

Stay tuned for more releases in the coming weeks as we finish off the 5.15 updates and move onto 5.16 soon.


5.15.24, 22nd April 2020

With the release of 5.15.24 we have overhauled the experience of sharing multiples assets/files, both in the platform and in email notifications sent when sharing.


Now when you receive an email, notifiying you that multiple assets/files have been shared with you, you will be able to click a link to see them all in one consolidated view. 


This link to view all will also be present in the dashboard under the activity feed for the person who shared the content.


5.15.23, 8th April 2020

5.15.23 brings with it some minor bug fixes such as some issues with custom branding. We have also improved some back-end services to improve filter behaviour in the Library.


5.15.22, 31st March 2020

With this release of 5.15.22 we have focused on resolving some issues related to the major Library update of 5.15.18 and introducing some new features.

Firstly we have added an on-screen horizontal scroll bar for list view in the Library. Secondly we have resolved some UI issues such as an issue with the clear all filters action, an issue with the PDF viewer in Firefox and an issue when setting custom timeframes.

Stay tuned for more releases in the coming weeks.


5.15.21, 24th March 2020

With 5.15.21 we have updated the pagination functionality in Projects, allowing you to view up to 1000 items per page and perform batch operations such as editing and downloading.

Furthermore, with this release we have added two new columns when viewing your projects in list view: Files and Folders. These will allow you to see the total number of files or folders in a project/folder.



5.15.20, 19th March 2020

With the minor release of 5.15.20 we have updated the behaviour of favourite filtering in the Library, so that when adding a filter which has dependent filter beneath, both the parent-filter and the child-filter are added to the favourite filter section.


5.15.19, 12th March 2020

In this release we have updated an Admin functionality, so that now administrators can easily see if any users are disabled.

Furthermore we fixed a few issues with the latest update of the Library introduced in 5.15.18, including an issue of creating collections from Usage Rights filters.


5.15.18, 3rd March 2020

With the first release of March we have introduced some major updates to the Library, including enhancements to filtering and some new tools to working with PDF files.

Discover what else is new here{/s}


5.15.17, 25th February 2020

5.15.17 brings with it some back-end improvements and some minor issues being resolved: one issue with the recording of certain activities has been fixed and an UI issue when working with the edit Project form has also been resolved.


5.15.16, 18th February 2020

With the latest release of the Adstream Platform we have resolved an occasional issue with the loading of asset thumbnails when adjusting columns in Projects list view and an issue with the behaviour of sharing folders and their subfolders.

We have also updated the annotations interface for multi-page files. Now you will see a counter for the number of total annotations at the top centre of the page, as well as the existing counter for the number of annotations on the current page in the top right corner.



5.15.15, 11th February 2020

With 5.15.15 we have brought the same improvements of 5.15.9 to the Library, by ensuring all usage rights can be edited, even when a global usage right has been set for an asset. Furthermore we have enhanced the performance of Projects with larger numbers of users.

Alongside these updates, we've also fixed an issue with the generation of previews for document type files and an issue limited users were facing when inviting new users to the platform.


5.15.14, 4th February 2020

In this week’s release we have updated the new dashboard activity filters introduced in 5.12.10. Now, after adjusting these filters away from the default of all activities over the last 24 hours, you will see an option to reset back to that default. We have also changed the filter icon to an Apply button.


5.15.13, 28th January 2020

With this small release we have resolved some known minor UI issues and an issue with certain filters not working as expected. Alongside this we have improved efficiencies for some of our technologies under the surface.


5.15.12, 22nd January 2020

As 2020 gets into full swing we are continuing to focus on our efforts to improve platform efficiencies. With this release we have worked on streamlining the admin area of the platform and resolving some known issues with certain log in procedures.


5.15.11, 7th January 2020

Our focus for 5.15.11 has been making some back-end system improvements and resolving known issues.

Stay tuned for more feature focused releases soon.


5.15.10, 17th December 2019

With the last release of the 2019, alongside ongoing improvements to platform efficiency and reliability, we have introduced an enhancement to the activity view on the Dashboard. 

It is now possible to filter your recent activity by date, as well as the user and activity type.



5.15.9, 10th December 2019

The release of 5.15.9 mainly focuses on fixing some known issues in the platform as well as introducing a few updates:

  • We have improved the process of creating a new collection in the Library as an admin user. Now, by requiring one metadata filter we greatly improve the efficiency of collection creation.
  • We have improved usage rights management by ensuring all usage rights can be edited, even when a global usage right has been set for an asset.


5.15.8, 4th December 2019

With this latest release, we have brought the new global usage rights feature of 5.15.2 into the Library. Global Usage Rights supersede all other usage rights and can be manually set to indicate your files as available or not.



5.15.7, 26th November 2019

With 5.15.7 we have been working on a few key features:

  • Private comments - it is now possible, when sharing files, to mark a comment as private. Only the share recipients will be able to see the comment and any replies to that comment will also be private.
  • Updated comment formatting - now when adding comments to files, all intended formatting will be retained.
  • Multi-audio playback - for library video assets which have passed QC, and have multiple audio tracks, you can now select which audio channel to play back, when playing the video.
  • Hiding fields - now as an admin user you will be able to hide Common Metadata fields from Project forms as to ensure a clear view for you and your BU members, when creating new projects.


5.15.6, 19th November 2019

Our focus for 5.15.6 has been making some back-end system improvements and resolving known issues.

Stay tuned for more feature focused releases soon.


5.15.5, 13th November 2019

This release of 5.15.5 brings with it our continued effort to improve your experience of using the platform by ironing out some creases and bringing new improvements.

Now, when editing multiple files at once, you will see one summary entry in your activity feed with the option to view all activities at once. 


We’ve also rewritten our mail digest service to greatly improve its performance and reliability. Now when receiving your digest you’ll see activities grouped together, seeing the most recent 5 activities of that type, with the option to view all.


5.15.4, 5th November 2019

5.15.4 brings with it the latest translation updates to the UI and some behind the scenes bug fixes.

Keep subscribed for future updates.


5.15.3, 2nd November 2019

With this release we have focused on improving the metadata of Print assets. We have added three new fields (Ad Type, Production Status and Delivery Method) and reorganised some existing fields, which were less relevant to print, so as to declutter the interface.

Stay tuned for more releases in the coming weeks and months.


5.15.2, 17th October 2019

With this latest platform update, we’ve made some improvements to usage rights:

  1. We have added a new, simpler way to manage usage rights in Projects. Now, with Global Usage Rights you can manually set your assets to be either available or not with one switch.
  2. It’s now possible to set usage rights in perpetuity by setting the rights to never expire.

Read our article on the improvements here{{Usage Rights in Projects}}.

We’ve also continued our efforts in resolving bugs and issues to improve your experience of the platform.


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