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The Projects module is where working files are kept, within the separate projects that they are needed for, these can be shared with your work group so that you can collaborate on them. From within a project you can save all the versions you have of a file submit new versions for approval, annotate photos and videos for clear feedback and also store supporting documentation such as scripts and other planning documents. When the files have had final stage approval, you can send them to the Library Module for easy retrieval later.

The Library

The Library module is where completed assets are kept. Your assets can be organised into collections so that it is easy to find them again. From the Library it is easy to send an asset for delivery. You can share assets with people internally or outside your organisation, either as individual files or as a completely branded professional looking presentation.

Library & Projects Release Notes

5.15.12, 22nd January 2020

As 2020 gets into full swing we are continuing to focus on our efforts to improve platform efficiencies. With this release we have worked on streamlining the admin area of the platform and resolving some known issues with certain log in procedures.


5.15.11, 7th January 2020

Our focus for 5.15.11 has been making some back-end system improvements and resolving known issues.

Stay tuned for more feature focused releases soon.


5.15.10, 17th December 2019

With the last release of the 2019, alongside ongoing improvements to platform efficiency and reliability, we have introduced an enhancement to the activity view on the Dashboard. 

It is now possible to filter your recent activity by date, as well as the user and activity type.



5.15.9, 10th December 2019

The release of 5.15.9 mainly focuses on fixing some known issues in the platform as well as introducing a few updates:

  • We have improved the process of creating a new collection in the Library as an admin user. Now, by requiring one metadata filter we greatly improve the efficiency of collection creation.
  • We have improved usage rights management by ensuring all usage rights can be edited, even when a global usage right has been set for an asset.


5.15.8, 4th December 2019

With this latest release, we have brought the new global usage rights feature of 5.15.2 into the Library. Global Usage Rights supersede all other usage rights and can be manually set to indicate your files as available or not.mceclip0.png


5.15.7, 26th November 2019

With 5.15.7 we have been working on a few key features:

  • Private comments - it is now possible, when sharing files, to mark a comment as private. Only the share recipients will be able to see the comment and any replies to that comment will also be private.
  • Updated comment formatting - now when adding comments to files, all intended formatting will be retained.
  • Multi-audio playback - for library video assets which have passed QC, and have multiple audio tracks, you can now select which audio channel to play back, when playing the video.
  • Hiding fields - now as an admin user you will be able to hide Common Metadata fields from Project forms as to ensure a clear view for you and your BU members, when creating new projects.


5.15.6, 19th November 2019

Our focus for 5.15.6 has been making some back-end system improvements and resolving known issues.

Stay tuned for more feature focused releases soon.


5.15.5, 13th November 2019

This release of 5.15.5 brings with it our continued effort to improve your experience of using the platform by ironing out some creases and bringing new improvements.

Now, when editing multiple files at once, you will see one summary entry in your activity feed with the option to view all activities at once. 


We’ve also rewritten our mail digest service to greatly improve its performance and reliability. Now when receiving your digest you’ll see activities grouped together, seeing the most recent 5 activities of that type, with the option to view all.


5.15.4, 5th November 2019

5.15.4 brings with it the latest translation updates to the UI and some behind the scenes bug fixes.

Keep subscribed for future updates.


5.15.3, 2nd November 2019

With this release we have focused on improving the metadata of Print assets. We have added three new fields (Ad Type, Production Status and Delivery Method) and reorganised some existing fields, which were less relevant to print, so as to declutter the interface.

Stay tuned for more releases in the coming weeks and months.


5.15.2, 17th October 2019

With this latest platform update, we’ve made some improvements to usage rights:

  1. We have added a new, simpler way to manage usage rights in Projects. Now, with Global Usage Rights you can manually set your assets to be either available or not with one switch.
  2. It’s now possible to set usage rights in perpetuity by setting the rights to never expire.

Read our article on the improvements here{{Using Rights in Projects}}.

We’ve also continued our efforts in resolving bugs and issues to improve your experience of the platform.


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