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5.14.2, 17th Aug 2019 

With version 5.14.2 we have updated the UI with new translations and improved the way you add users to a shared folder to make the process clearer. With this week's fixes we have resolved an issue with username searching in the admin area and an issue where previews for PSD files and HTML5 banners were intermittently not being generated.


5.14.1, 6th Aug 2019 

The latest minor release of our platform - version 5.14.1 - brings with a collection of bug fixes and under the surface internal system improvements.

Some notable fixes include:

  • Ensuring the related files icon is visible from all views within Projects.
  • Fixing an issue with download files where the title contained special characters.
  • Improving the reliability of notifications when updating shared statuses on folders.


5.14, 27th July 2019

Version 5.14 of the Adstream Platform brings with it a new login implementation. 

By adopting an industry standard IDP we've increased our enterprise security provisions to protect against brute force attacks. Here are the ways in which you may notice a change:

  • After 5 invalid login attempts, users will be locked out for 15 minutes, after which users can attempt again.
  • After 30 minutes of idle activity, users will be automatically logged out. This however does not apply if there is a background task still taking place, such as uploading a large file which takes longer than half an hour to complete.


5.13.9, 23rd July 2019

With this latest release we have fixed some issues in the rendering of some different parts of the platform interface for a limited number of users. We’ve also updated some of our services behind the scenes to improve logging efficiency.


5.13.8, 16th July 2019

With this minor update we have worked on fixing some issues such as a limited problem with custom proxies showing correctly in Library and an issue affecting uploads of larger files.


5.13.7, 11th July 2019

In this release we have been working hard on our Mail Service, which is responsible for powering all platform notifications.

We have implemented a number of improvements and updates to the service to make it much more robust and increase its reliability when handling the ever growing load of notifications.

5.13.7{nav}, 9th July 2019

With we have continued to remove some known issues in the Adstream platform and make key improvements.

Notable work completed in this release includes updating interface translations, fixing an issue where limited users were unable to effectively view HTML banner playback and an issue with project list visibility.{nav}

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